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Copyright Law

We take the theft of our original work very seriously and would draw your attention to the terms and conditions of this website advising that it is protected under UK copyright law. Please note we always sue for compensation if any part of our website, design or text / images, are found being used without our prior authorisation in writing.

UK copyright law is very unforgiving, and if the original author of works presses charges against you, there is no such defence as ‘sorry I didn’t know’. If you violate copyright you will be sued and charged with infringement. In civil cases you can even be made to testify against your own interests.

You run the risk of heavy penalties if you infringe copyright – in other words, use all – or a ‘substantial part’ – of a copyright protected work without the copyright owner’s permission. This means you must not:

  • copy a work
  • sell, rent or lend copies of a work to the public
  • perform, show or play a work in public
  • broadcast a work
  • make an adaptation of a work

If you infringe copyright, you will be taken to court and run the risk of having to pay damages and compensation to the copyright owner. You could also face:

  • having an injunction taken out against you – to stop you using the copyright material
  • being ordered to surrender the copyright material to the copyright owner

If you make a charge for someone else’s copyright it can affect the amount of damages awarded against you in court. But it’s still a violation even if you give it away – and there can still be serious damages if you hurt the commercial value of the website concerned.

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