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Hi Linda please let me congratulate you on the magnificent achievement of 700 albums. I am proud to say I have been a loyal member for almost all the albums and they are a weekly highlight.

I love the balance between tease and reveal and you hit the spot every time.

One of my all time favourite outfits is the pink suit and I have been fortunate enough to see you in a 121 unbuttoning those big black buttons…a cherished highlight.

Please keep up the good work and if time permits treat us to a video before the year is out.

Love and best wishes

A xox

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Linda,I would not normally comment,subscribed to your site earlier today,and I have to say your photographs are probably the best I have seen. Stunningly good looking woman with great clothes and great locations,absolutely fantastic.I found it difficult to drag myself away!Top marks for the quality of photographs as well.

Ken from Glasgow

Hi Linda, my name is Stan, as you know we met briefly at Royal Ascot on Thursday and although somewhat spellbound, the memory of actually spotting you among vast crowds and admiring you in your beautifully sexy outfit is something that will live with me forever. I didn’t win anything but the horse racing seemed to pale into insignificance as I’ve had nothing else but your gorgeous stocking clad legs and heels, those amazing boobs and stunning smile on my mind ever since. Well as you’ll see from my messages and emails, I kept my promise and joined up here soon after I got home Thursday evening and how I resisted joining before is now a complete mystery, I could kick myself for missing out on so much over the many years. It’s everything I hoped for and a whole lot more, I’m hooked for life and the whole reality and honesty as I saw someone else mention is unique among websites of this nature. Finally, are we going to see the actual Ascot outfit on the site in a future album ?

Stan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

“Message: Hi Linda I’ve just joined your site and I wanted to congratulate you and say what a great site it is. I’ve never subscribed to a site like this before but came across yours and decided I wanted to see more. For me being of a similar age to you, it was so nice to see something very classy with a hint of naughtiness about it. You do indeed have an amazing figure, with legs that seem to go on forever. The attention to detail in your shoots coupled with the variety of stockings and shoes must make your site a one off. A personal question so please don’t answer if you don’t want to but I was intrigued after reading in your bio that your married if the lucky man in some of your shoots was indeed your husband given the matching tattoos? I think you must be every guys dream lady, great figure, amazing legs, fantastic looks and from what I can make out an interest in cars. They seem to feature a lot in your shoots. I’ll keep eye out for you in the car showroom lol Thanks again for a wonderful site Steve x”

“Hi Linda, well where do I start! Have just joined your website found by chance and oh my god! Im in heaven. You are gorgeous and your site covers everything I have ever been looking for as a guy with a lifelong fetish for legs and well dressed ladies. No longer do I have to wait hoping for glimpses while looking like a perv 🙂 Added to the excitment is I can relate to your shoots as im a local boy, so its even better and more horny. Id love to know more about your members experiences. Please could you tell me all there is to know. Hope to hear from you, and well done on creating the best site ever! Adam xx “

“Dear Linda, Just wanted to tell you just how much I enjoyed the recent sets, especially the flight attendant one and the two latest ones of your “norty weekend”. The pictures of you in the leather skirt on your hotel balcony are superb, only surpassed by the ones of you in that incredably sexy dress which shows off all your delectable assets to perfection. Your husband is one lucky fella…..you don’t have an identical twin by any chance do you????? Keep up the great work – and I hope you had a great weekend in Bournemouth! Best wishes David “

” Hi Linda and Tom, I send this message to congratulate you on the continued excellence of your site. The latest set (flight attendant) is simply sublime – though Tom I fear that you may have some competition with the photographer from two weeks back in the member’s shoot. I love all the ideas that you come up with to display your gorgeous legs – mind you – I LOVE the close ups of your face as well – 5ft 10in, blonde AND gorgeous?? Jeez that is a heady combination! But you have a lovely face and smile and would love to see that more. I was working in northern Scotland a few weeks ago and was driving from Lossie back to England at 5am when my headlights picked out a sign saying “BALINDALOCH” – I nearly broke my brakes trying to slow down to witness THE sign from you pics at Hogamay 2011! Mind you it was minus 9 degrees at the time and the road was a bit icy but the car did hold the road so i could behold the sign! lol lol – I am sure that it is now an offence in Scotland to “stare at a roadsign vacantly with wanton abandon”.! Please keep up the fantastic work on your website and I wish you both all the best for the future. Ian xxx “

“Hello, I just became a member yesterday and, as somebody who has looked everywhere on the internet for a decent stocking and heel website, I have to say yours is by far the best I have come across so far. Regards, Paul “

“Message: Dear Linda-I must say that I am really enjoying your website! Its “very addictive” scrolling through all of the galleries and the video clips! The Whalenet Stockings in gallery 168 are so sexy ! Its like you have bare legs BUT you dont ! Absolutely sexy ! I hope that you showcase them again as spring and summer rolls along ! I definately dont see women wearing them back here in the USA! I cant wait to see your next update! Regards Bob “

“Hi Linda, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your stylish way of erotic. There are many site on the net showing somehow stocking pics but you but you top them all by far. It’s very enjoyable to look at your pics! Keep them coming in ,-) All the best Joaquim “

“Message: Greetings from Sweden. Spring is comming to us and to you also i hope.Found som pics of you on another website and manached to find your home page. I LOVE IT. I think you are one of the most beutiful and sexy wimen i have seen in a very long time. I can only congratulate your husband who i guess is holding the camera. Question: I can i purchase the DVD that you have made?Again, you have in my a very lojal member from SWEDEN, thanks again for a fantasitc website.Hope to hear from you Regards Henrik “

” Dear Linda, Thank you for an truly erotic site. You are very classy, sexy, and oh how I love your legs. Your photographer is great and so are the themes. Finally someone who knows how to do sex with class and style. I would love to meet you. John “

” Hi Linda my I say I love looking at all your very sexy pictures. Love the new set Of pictures , you look so sexy in stockings. Thank you for all your hard work , to keep a big smile on your fans faces . he was a very lucky member , as he got to take some sexy picture of you and spend time with you. XxX keep up the good work “

“Message: Hi Linda Just joined your site and must say you are amazing great legs. Loved the video clip of you driving to the supermarket and walking through the car park very nice. I am a lorry driver and dream of seeing something like that on my travels, maybe you could do a video of you driving in a traffic jam pulling up alongside all us lorry drivers and giving a flash. Steve “

“Incredible Linda, you have it all, the most amazing pins, incredible bust, a body that takes my breath away, not to mention a wicked sense of humour and adventure – I’m hooked for life “

” Linda it was AMAZING to finally meet up with you and Tom at Cameron House, you looked stunning and I’m sure you were aware of all the eyes on you especially in the Great Scots Bar. Thank you again for this meet and hope you enjoyed the remainder of your tour in ‘Gods own Country’, (judging by the photosets, you certainly did). Feel free to call me on your next stay at CH. Andy (Oban)”

“I (John – Derby) love this site, it’s so real and honest, everytime I enter the site I feel like I’m walking into your life and joining you on your day to day antics. Thanks for your friendship too, John “

“As an obsessed voyeur and a member of many websites past and present it dosn’t get better than this, every set makes me feel like I’m there with you, just please don’t stop doing it.”

“Bloody superb, amazing legs, amazing breasts, amazing value, amazing everything, this is by far the most amazing site I have ever been priviliged to be a member of, i’m amazed haha. ”

” Linda I had to say, you have helped me though extremely sad times, thank you for your time and your kindness, I will always remember the evening chats / webcams, you are a very generous person as well as an incredibly beautiful one. ”

” Linda, there are hundreds of stockings sites on the web, but this is the only one where I’ve been able to chat almost daily and share humor with the hostess, this ‘interactivity’ as you say is a ‘truly unique experience’. ”
Russ, New York

” Thank you Linda for this amazing site the photos are among the highest quality I have found on any website of this kind, and as you quote, you still manage to avoid the synthetic feel of the hundreds of usual studio set websites, so well done. x ”
Baz Camarthen

Just join up and just want to say, I should have joined years ago! Wonderful, intelligent erotica, wonderful outfits, great locations and your stunning self. Adore when you wear the anklet on your right ankle, just adds to your photos.

we are living in uncertain times, and you have brought some much need excitement and fun .

Ps your husband has a great name as well

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