» 2021….


Thank you all for your immense support through the extremely troubling and unprecedented difficulties experienced during 2020.

A new year is upon us and I’m determined to focus on this new year with a new enthusiasm, not to mention some fabulous new outfits and settings. Look out for lots of Leather, Latex and Satin….

Hugs and kisses all xxxx

Album 806….

The first album for 2021 features a new and fabulously sexy dress with leopard print detail as well as a warm overcoat in January sub-zero temperatures brrrrrr. I love this album already with some lovely angles in a very simple and everyday setting.

Love Linda xxxx

Album 807….

As this dreaded virus continues to cause havoc throughout the world, I am working from home again, as I did much of 2020. I have to say it has it’s benefits, however every thing seems to take so much longer ‘not having everything at my fingertips’ .
Now I can just imagine the minds of the ‘badboys’ at LoS working overtime on that comment. On a very serious note though take care and stay safe and enjoy my first working from home album of 2021….

Lots of Hugs and Kisses xxxx

Album 808….

A revisit to my Boudoir and a second opportunity to enjoy a small selection from my collection of High Heels. I love this album I think although confined to a room the various angles add to the album and definitely I know many will enjoy my manicured toenails.
Hugs and Hugs and Hugs….

Linda xxxx

Album 808 (continued)….

A fabulous response to this album has prompted us to add more images.

Thank you for so many comments xxxx

New Server….

As an indication of my continued commitment to this website, we have now substantially upgraded the website server. This has made a remarkable improvement to the operation of the website with albums and video-clips loading quickly and smoothly.

This upgrade will continue to ‘serve‘ us for the next five years.

Thankyou again all members past, present and future for your continued support.

Hugs all Linda xxxx

Good News….

Hi all, just a quick post to say that we are currently busy working on a new website, it’s early days but it’s going to be a complete re-vamp and quite different to what we have presently….needless to say from what I’ve seen so far I’m really pleased. In addition I will be keeping everyone updated on all things LegsonShow on my twitter account which although already set up has been dormant for a few years. I’ll be posting the link soon.
I’m really confident that the new website will be a great success and will be much more user friendly on your mobile phones too.
I’ll keep you updated on progress….

Hugs and kisses all….x

Album 809….

For those of you that remember Stockings on Cam – this particular pose might bring back memories of the front page.
Don’t worry if you not familiar with the particular image – I’m certain this new album, in particular the front fold pose, will draw many comments and I’m sure the ‘Shard’ will feature in many of your comments too – badboys….lol.

Enjoy…. xxxx

Album 810….

This extravagantly elegant laser cut with two-way front zipper is simply breath-takingly sexy and amazingly fun to wear and will definitely get a daytime outing perhaps under a 3/4 length coat just as soon as the weather warms up.
Hopefully the lockdown will soon be lifted and we can get out and about again for some fabulous outdoor posts woohoo….x

Album 811….

This album if nothing else should demonstrate just how easy you have it – getting prepared and dressed for work.
My morning begins at 5.30am with arrival at the office some 3 hours later, but of course involves choosing an outfit which can be tricky with the British Climate. On this note I’m regularly asked if I wear Stockings daily – the answer is a definite yes unless it’s a warm summer day and my legs are well-tanned.
So I hope members will enjoy a rather privileged visit to my bedroom on a typical Spring day as I dress for the busy day ahead….

Enjoy the views xxxx

Happy Bank Holiday….

Happy Easter Bank Holiday break and as a special present for members, we will be adding two new albums over this Bank Holiday weekend. In the meantime I wish you all a fabulously restful and safe long weekend break….hugs and kisses.

Linda xxxx

Album 812….

An incredibly hectic and stressful few weeks finally closes with the promise of a sunshine filled Bank Holiday Weekend, and as you can see from this album the weather was indeed very kind as I arrive home and in need of the first refreshing glass of wine.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

Love and Kisses all….xxxx

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