Album 795….

Men often confuse Stilettos with Pumps and regularly comment incorrectly when I’m out and about wearing high heels. The subtle difference is the thinness of the heel and I’m sure you will agree these are definitely ‘out and out’ stilettos.
On another note I hope you will also notice from this particular post – that the works are nearing completion with a (dare I say it) ‘finishing line’ in view….and many many new albums to follow in some very new and different settings….

Woohoo xxxx

Album 796….

At long last – the stress and ordeal of home renovations appear to be coming to a close, I’m ever optimistic that works will be complete in three weeks time. We now have an opportunity to enjoy new furbished rooms as well as introduce them to the website. This is my new Boudoir and a display room for some of my High Heels as well as my collection of finest underwear, and it’s definitely the perfect room to prepare for a ‘hard’ day ahead….

Hugs all….

Album 797….

So now that works at home are near to completion, it’s great to be able to use some of the new rooms and as you may have guessed my new Boudoir / dressing room is definitely making a big difference to my life and provides so much more organisation for a vast collection of high heels and lingerie. So I’ve taken this opportunity to capture some closeup selfies of some of my current fav high-heels and will feature separately my current favourite pair (which of course changes very regularly)….also this week.


Album 798….

This is a follow up to Album 797 featuring my own present favourite pair (high heels), based upon look, style and comfort….not to mention the attention and comments they draw from so many males as well as females when I’m out and about….

Hugs all Linda xxxx

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