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July 2017….

Album 654 (Video Clip)…. A little teaser treat for you wonderful fellas here who ask regularly about what my 1-2-1 members only Cam-shows are all about. Here is a typical clip, apologies for some of the sound cuts, the member concerned was VERY vocal indeed, just as I like it…….Mmmmm Mmmmm. Album 653 (Part Two)….
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June 2017….

Album 650….(Update) This album has proven to be a huge hit with members, so much so, that I have added another 30 or so pics to the album as a little bonus for this weekend……enjoy xxxx Album 650…. Possibly, just possibly one of my fav albums to date. This particular outfit has drawn many glances
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May 2017….

Album 646…. It’s fair to say it seems like ages since I had a holiday away, so this two week break on a Greek Island has been very welcome and hugely restful. This first album was taken on Day Three of the holiday and believe me it soon developed into a wonderful session of ‘fun
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April 2017….

Album 643…. Well excuse me for the teasy title, but I simply adore pink especially with the contrast of grey and black and this album is another big fav for me this year captured this last weekend in conjunction with the first signs of some early summer sunshine. Album 642…. Something quite different to my
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March 2017….

Album 639…. By Popular demand – I make no excuses for adding in this little left-over from Fetish February, featuring this hugely popular Suspender Skirt.. This new fur jacket certainly adds something very special, balancing the whole look, somewhere between outrageous and outstanding…..you decide……xx Album 638…. I’m constantly amazed by the incredible attention to detail
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February 2017….

Album 635…. This Suspender Skirt featured for the very first time in Album 633 and I know you fellas loved the album from front to back and inside to outside. The huge amount of comments…. as always were very gratefully received and as a little special finish to this fetish month I have added another
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January 2017….

Album 631…. This lovely weekend break at a brand new Bournemouth Hotel has come to an end, but the memories of the break will live on for ages …..woohoo. I have to say it’s been an amazing break and I really hope the hotel and it’s wonderful suites will feature lots in albums to come.
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December 2016….

Album 627…. As we often do this time of year, it’s good to look back over the last twelve months of updates and these very special mono-chrome variations add some very interesting effects to some of the best images from each of the 52 albums posted…….includes a fun observation test….x As we often do this
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November 2016….

Album 621…. The actual early construction stages of this fabulous hotel does in fact feature in a previous hotel pic shoot. It’s wonderful to arrive and experience it’s splendor as part of a lovely weekend break. I think these arrival pics would definitely promote visitors to the hotel though only site members will be able
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October 2016….

Album 617…. Another new Skirt Suit makes it’s debut at LoS and I absolutely love the setting for this album. Despite the windy conditions the sunshine brings out the rich colour of the suit as well as my underwear. Typically the photoshoot was somewhat disturbed by a dog-walker who spent some considerable time telling me
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