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Welcome and Hello

Hello and welcome to www.legsonshow.com my very own website dedicated to the huge audience of fabulous fellas that love and appreciate the skillful art of visual stimulation and seduction.

My name is Linda – I’m 43 years young and for all you leg lovers my vital measurements are 5′-10″ (1.778m) tall with exceptionally long (34″ inside leg) slim, slender legs with very shapely, defined calves and I’m very proud to mention that I’ve been featured in the hugely successful US based Legshow magazine. On top of this…..I’m very proud to boast a fabulously firm 36′F’ bust which I know from wonderful experience will raise far more than just your heartbeat.

I live in the South of England and work as a property consultant, although as you will soon discover… my personal portfolio is far more interesting than simple bricks and mortar.

For as long as I can recall, I’ve always adored fabulously sexy fashions and styles that enhance my long legs and emphasise my ‘femininity’. I love the smart chic well tailored styles, whether for work or for pleasure and thrive on the attentions that I receive from you fabulous fellas.

Lingerie and hosiery are a priority on my shopping list and…. as my bank manager will testify…. I spend a small fortune on the finest fully fashioned stockings available. Over many years I’ve developed a wardrobe full of amazingly sexy underwear in every colour and sexy style imaginable and I strongly believe – good quality lingerie and hosiery should be displayed in a teasingly tasteful manner, whether in public or in private…. and definitely not hidden away.

This site will most definitely satisfy the fantasies of all those who long for a sexy sighting of the most slender shapely legs adorned in very sheer stockings……. an inadvertent, perhaps purposeful glimpse of a stocking top, or maybe a teasing exposure of a glistening metal suspender clasp…. all in very public and very typical everyday situations.

This website is inspired by the many comments from friends, work colleagues as well as the regular admiring glances in the street from complete strangers. I’m completely aware of the ‘effect’ long legs encased in the finest quality silk or nylon stockings have on a male audience especially when accentuated with the shortest skirts and the highest heels imaginable.

High heel lovers will certainly not be disappointed, a vast collection of some 80+ pairs of high quality stiletto heels ranging from 6″ – 7.5″ feature in the majority of some 480 wide and varying albums.

I have to admit to being continually fascinated by the psychology surrounding the male viewpoint on stockings (especially fully fashioned nylons) and high heels continually enjoy enhancing the ‘attentions’…

So now – I hope I’ve ‘raised’ your interest in what I have on offer, why not take a peek at my preview page for just a tiny sample of the fabulous quality of the content available inside my members area and remember that membership to this unique website is currently available at an incredibly low rate of just $14.95 *

Interested to know more about me ? If so, please visit my about me page.

Your Host,

Kisses xx

* (recurring membership charge for 30 days)

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