» May 2014….

May 2014….

Album 494….

A huge fav. to date….maybe not my all-time fav to date but definitely in among the top five. I’m sure this amazingly sexy Satin blouse and ┬áSatin skirt will be welcomed by many at LegsonShow. I just love the ‘vivid’ colours and love the way that the blouse responds to strong natural light…as I say….one of my favs to date and judging by the very obvious erection in the photographers jeans……one of his favs too hehe…..xx

Album 493….

I love this type of album, a fabulous ‘boudoir’ is a very encouraging setting and demands the sexiest lingerie and high heels together with some carefully selected accessories. I love the mirrored stool reflections too, which show off this Pearl Thong perfectly. I’m sure you can imagine the fun that followed very soon after the photography….x


Album 492….

A little nautical or rather……..nortygirl theme to this album, I love uniforms, so while away at an ex naval port, I just had to include a look-a-like navy outfit. As you might have guessed I soon attracted a lot of ‘sea-men’ during a fabulously sexy ‘shoot’ – hehe….x

Love and Kisses all……

Linda xxx

Album 491….

This particular album introduces a number of ‘firsts’ to Legsonshow including this fabulous leather skirt, incredibly sexy laced leather corselette, ‘havana heel’ stockings by Gio (launched this week)…. as well as this amazing penthouse set high (10 storeys) above the 2012 Olympic venue.
Can’t think of a more stunning location to enjoy more than just starting pistols go ‘bang’ …..woohoo.
I’ve a good feeling that this album together with a few others will prove a huge success with the fabulous Legsonshow members.

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend….

Kisses Linda xxx

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