» April 2014

April 2014

Album 490….

As so many members have requested a ‘spy’ album over recent months, I’m certain this album including an 8.37 mins Vid-Clip and photo album will prove a huge winner with so many of you fabulous fellas. I have to admit the whole idea of being spied on while I get dressed and ready for work is definitely a huge turn on for me too……..woohoo….xxx

May promises to be a super month for Legs on Show with some exceptional albums and High Quality video-clips in a completely new and very unique setting.

Thank you all for your amazing support over recent months – site membership continues to go from strength to strength, which is so encouraging and so very valued……so a very big thank you to all members past present and future.

Kisses Linda xx

Album 489….

Definitely an album for the lovers of lingerie……

As Tom and my ‘Party Friends’ will testify. I have a knack of extracting several underwear options from my wardrobes and trying on each and every one ahead of a day at work or especially……a night on the town……much to Tom’s regular despair. Little wonder then that this album fall’s into the ever popular ‘selfie’ category…..hehe. The ‘pencil skirt’ is a very recent addition and although the selfie album may not do it justice – I’ve a good feeling that better camera work will show just how ‘revealing’ this amazing skirt is. (Look out for a fabulous post featuring this same skirt next month). In the meantime – good luck to Tom who’ll arrive home to a bedroom full of underwear and high heels later….hehe…..x

Happy Easter All….

Wishing all members, present, past and future a fabulous Easter Holiday.

Love and Kisses Linda xxxxx

Album 488….

As you can see this particular location was just ideal for the old Windmill and this dress as seen in a previous ‘See-front’ album (298) is simply perfect for a windy location.

I’m certain you’ll love this one just as much as the passing motorists……hehe.

Kisses as always Linda xxx

Album 487….

So with Tom enjoying a men’s weekend ‘jolly’ away in Liverpool at the Grand National and Football, this weekend’s update is all down to moi. I have to say I was somewhat unsure of how these would turn out but I’m really pleased with the results and as you can see I got a little ‘carried away’ Friday afternoon at work in my Office and WC ….hehe.
Though I’m obviously slightly biased, I’m beginning to wonder whether I need the services of my rather expensive photographer anymore……lol !!!!!!

Vote for the best album ever….hehe Linda xxx

Album 486….

Well since Spring seems to be on it’s way….a little bit of Spring ‘Clearing up’ is definitely in order and as you can see I’ve decided to begin at a very personal level with a ‘trim’ down below. I know this summer look will prove a ‘huge’ hit with some of my bikini’s and shortest skirts…..lol.

Enjoy getting extremely up close and very personal in this follow up to Album 485 …xx

Kisses Linda xxxx

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