» March 2014….

March 2014….

Album 485….

Part One of a fabulous Two Part post…(including Video Clip).
So the encouraging signs of Spring has certainly got me into holiday mode, so much so that I popped into town earlier and bought a couple of essentials for getting everything below in ‘tip-top’ shape for the summer months ahead. I have a feeling that this two-part album (especially the video-clip) will prove a ‘huge’ winner with you fabulous fellas…..
So the 64 million dollar question is can you guess what’s coming next….?????

Friday Cam-Shows….

If anyone fancies catching up on (members only) Friday camshows, please email me – linda@legsonshow.com.

Work has been really hectic this last few months, so it’ll be some ‘relief’ to make a little more time for some ‘Fun on Friday’s’.

Love and Kisses.
Linda xxx

Album 484….

Continuing the ‘Spring’ theme – I’m very happy to say that I’ve managed to get out this weekend and ‘Spring Clean’ the windows and frames ahead of a glorious summer ahead…..prayers every day lol……
It’s difficult to imagine a skirt of this length that gives so much away, my suspenders are so clearly obvious beneath the fine leather, it’s definitely one of my favourites. Some varied photo angles and close-ups make this one of my own personal fav albums so far in 2014. Hope you enjoy too….x

Album 483….

At long last Spring appears to be on the way and the long awaited dry spell finally arrives. So as soon as the weather lady had finished the morning forecast, Tom and I jumped at this opportunity and met up at the famous Sandbanks for this fabulous shoot. I’m absolutely certain you’ll enjoy this bumper post. xx

Album 482….

Well if nothing else, the terrible weather has given me a chance to show-off my new Hallway and Stairs and the tartan wallpaper works perfectly with the tartan of one of my favourite skirt suits. I’m sure you’ll need no encouragement to exercise a little imagination and enjoy the view as you follow me closely upstairs to the bedroom…….xx


As you may have already seen, I’m very pleased to say that I’ve been featured in the latest issue (No.42) of the very popular Nylonzine. This ‘ezine’ has been running for some ten years now and has featured many very successful leg models over this period.
I’ve downloaded Issue 42 in pdf. and added it to the March Album and hope that LoS members will be able to view this here. Of course if you fancy looking at previous issues please let Nylonzine know that you found the link here at LoS.

Finally and thankfully the torrid weather of the last few months appears to be breaking up a little – thank goodness. This week’s album is a little stairway delight with some fabulous leggy shots, but I’m really looking forward to getting out and about next week for some fabulous outdoor posts.

Love and kisses all. Linda xxxx

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