» February 2014

February 2014

Album 481….

Forgive me for my continued efforts to encourage some spring weather. I began swapping some of my winter wardrobe with my spring wardrobe. ¬†Whether of should I say ‘Weather’ this might be a little over optimistic, I’m sure my fabulous friends here will welcome the return of this ‘Cerise’ short skirt suit and the amazingly sexy ‘Sling Back’ high heels. There’s a little tale to go with this album also concerning a rather good looking fella giving me his business card on my way into work – much to Tom’s glee lol.

Album 480….

They call it Global Warming, as far as I’m concerned – lets vote for a return to the Ice-age, its proving so incredibly difficult to get outside for a pic shoot. We’ve both become so incredibly frustrated with cancelling all the ‘best laid plans’ due to the bad weather that this week we simply said to hell with it, lets embrace the winds and the rain storms and just do it. I even did a little bit of a rain dance in hope of some reverse psychology – So this is definitely a first for the site – an ‘outdoors in the rain’ shoot……

Album 479….

This fabulous Clasp Dress makes a very welcome return ahead of a sexy dinner date. I just love how it clings in all the right places, and shows just the right amount, although as members will see – I also arranged it to show a ‘whole’ lot more…..woohoo.

Linda x

Album 478….

I hope you will all forgive me for taking a long weekend break away from this dreadful weather conditions that currently besiege the South West. As you can see even the big man in the hotel grounds was ‘calling to above’ for a little sunshine……lol. So join me on arrival at the hotel and of course the first stop is the lounge bar, for lunch and a few drinks followed by some naughtiness in the hotel room. I really like this album for its variation and I’m sure many will enjoy the view of my boobs captured from outside, four levels below our hotel room.

Love and Kisses Linda xx

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