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January 2014

Album 477….

Guess what……its’ raining again and yet again….. more plans for an outdoor shoot are scuppered.  So it’s a quiet Sunday in front of the fire – and I have to say this Emerald blouse looks amazing as always in photos and adds vivid colour, brightening up the day somewhat……..

Enjoy xx Linda

Album 476….

Firstly – apologies, we had planned an outdoor post this week, but ‘ all the best plans’ were somewhat set-back by the awful weather we have been having over the last month or two – when is it going to end..?

However I make no apologies for this album which is in response to all those that requested more of the Steel Heels from the Holiday in France post. I have to agree they do look fabulous for every angle although they unfortunately are not as comfortable as many other 7 1/2″ (19cm) heels that I wear.

I love the various angles and close-ups captured in this album and I’m certain that this album will prove a winner with many steel heel fans. On top of the 70+ pics I’ve also included a little vid-clip to accompany this post as we will endeavour to include vid-clips whenever possible throughout 2014.

Love and Kisses Linda xxx

Album 475….

Well as you can see the Laundry room is at long last, nearing completion just the painting and decorating left which hopefully the wonderful workmen will complete this week. I’m flabbergasted at how long it’s taken but as many of you have suggested, they obviously appreciate my regular cups of tea and coffee……lol. So here is the first opportunity I’ve had to try out the new Washing machine and Tumble dryer, no doubt there will be some clothing casualties along the way……perhaps shrinking a couple of  tops and perhaps a couple of skirts if I get the settings just right……. hehe…..x

Album 474….

This album follows my own vote for the very best album(s) from 2013. This particular album is taken on-board a very rare Vintage railway carriage in absolute pristine condition and includes a monochrome version for the full vintage effect. I have to admit to being seduced by the thought of travelling in an overnight Railway Carriage with a Scrumptious Fella, candlelight and a bottle of champagne. I have to say these Vintage Carriages are simply made for fun and surely have many tales to tell. Think I need to book the Orient Express…..woohoo x

January 1st.

Happy New Year 2014 to all site members past and present, thank you all for your fabulous support throughout previous years.

This year promises to be a bumper year commencing with two posts this week.

Love and Kisses Linda xxx

Album 473…. 

So as yet another year comes to a close, this is a good time for Tom and myself to reflect on 2013 and review the posts produced over the last 12 months. We decided (back in November 2012) to work hard on improving the quality of the content for 2013 and having invested some £5000.00 in new camera equipment this has proven quite a challenge from the photography as well as modelling viewpoints. However looking back on this album – I can definitely see rewards from our efforts and we have managed to capture some really fabulous albums with better quality and increased content overall.

My Own Personal Favourite being Album 437 – (Look out for a Part Two to kick off 2014)

We’re ever mindful of maintaining the authentic ‘girl next door’ appeal that has proven such a success for LoS so I think we are striking a good balance on the quality front. So with the new year upon us we will hopefully carry forward the success of 2013 and hopefully build on the content, with many more fabulous outfits and varied themes. Thank you all as always for your visit to Legsonshow.

Linda xxxx

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