» December 2013….

December 2013….

Album 472….

As you will see from the previous ‘Selfie’ album – I plunged for the ‘Electric Blue’ Zipper Skirt along with the Maroon and Black versions. They are certainly figure hugging and believe me accentuate every suspender lump and bump….like no other skirt I’ve worn…….absolutely fabulous….x

Typically…..rather than settle for just the ‘Electric’ blue option I also took the Maroon and Black versions…….I have to tell you they simply shout ‘look at me’ and having worn both the blue and maroon versions ahead of christmas, I’m certain they will prove a ‘big’ hit in 2014.

Thank you all for your magnificent support through 2013 – the very fact that I have so many forums regularly chasing my input is a measure of how private and unique we have kept LoS I’m absolutely overwhelmed by the fabulous gifts and messages over the Christmas break….so a really huge thank you to everyone here for keeping this website going…..xxxx

I really hope 2014 will be a fabulous new year for us all….take care and stay happy… Linda xxxx

Look out for an end of year ‘Bonus Album’ – a collection of fav pics from a very fun 2013.

Happy New Year All…..Kisses Linda xxx

Album 471….

As you’ll surely know ‘Selfies’ (A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone, and is usually taken in a slightly tilted manner – selfies are often associated with social networking) are becoming hugely popular on social network forums. I should just add, whilst I’m not wholly enthusiastic about ’selfies, I can at least see some merit ….in that they add a degree of authenticity as well as open ‘new avenues’. So this is my very first attempt at replicating ‘ Selfies’ Linda style, taken during a shopping trip to Bristols fabulous Cabot Circus. These particular pics were taken in the changing rooms of Selfridges Department Store – so of course the title of this album is aptly named ‘Selfies at Selfridges’.

I bought the blue zipper skirt, so look out for this in my next album, along with a little christmas bonus of my own selection of 52 of the best pics from 2013.

Finally with just a couple of days left ahead of Christmas…..may I wish all you fabulous fellas, and your family and loved ones a very very Merry Christmas. Love and Kisses….Linda xxx

Album 470….

The morning after a fabulous night before… at a very lively and very enjoyable Christmas Party. With floor to ceiling glazing I couldn’t resist showing my outfit to the passing motorists, a number of which could obviously see me quite clearly and ‘honked their horns’ in appreciation. I would just add that this album was captured the morning after only four hours sleep…..so please forgive me if I’m looking somewhat exhausted….lol.

Album 469….

I deliberated for quite a while trying to figure out what to title this particular album. In the end I thought ‘Miss Plenty’ might work with an album capturing members numerous requests for more…Crossed Legs…more Shoe Dangling…more Nylon Sheen… and of course…more pics lol. Well I think we’ve delivered plenty of the above and will have plenty of smiling faces among plenty of fabulous members.

So moving forward I have to say I’m incredibly excited over the next few albums planned for Christmas. Selfie Pics are very much vogue at the mo. so while Tom takes a weekend off for a football trip to London, I decided to give it a go during a shopping trip at Cabot Circus in Bristol…..bear with me on this my very first attempt…..x On top of this we have a very ‘unique’ Christmas Hotel Party album planned.

Finally thank you all again for your tremendous support throughout 2013, I’m as always overwhelmed by the amazing interest in my website and the fabulous generosity afforded by everyone that supports the website through these times of austerity. As I like to do each year, may I wish all members past and present and future together with your family and loved ones a very special and joyful Christmas.

Kisses and best wishes to everyone……x

Linda xxxxxxxxx

Album 468….

I have to say Autumn is definitely a fav. season for me and finally we have managed to catch an album showing the true beauty of the British Autumn……….but in December…?????
This location is just perfect for capturing the true beauty of Autumn too, not to mention the vivid contrast of this mauve jacket from Hobbs and of course this fab colour coordinated  bra…..
As you’ll see it also seemed to appeal to local cyclists also….or was that just my very short skirt and fully fashioned nylons………..lol….xx

72 fabulous quality pics…..

So with Christmas almost upon us – look out for plenty of Christmas Cheer this month…..x

Love and Kisses…Linda xxxx

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