» November 2013….

November 2013….

Album 467….

My fav ‘Slash Dress’ makes another appearance at LoS. I have to say this dress is a ‘huge’ tun on for Tom which goes some-way to explaining a few blurred images……..hehe. Nevertheless I’m sure this album will prove a real winner. Enjoy….

Linda x

PS Weather permitting…. another fab outdoor post this week….woohoo..x

Album 466….

I do get many requests from members for personal photosets showing me removing my silky nylon stockings…..so this album will definitely satisfy those requests. In addition we’ve included various ‘snaps‘ from a fun-filled weekend…xxxx

Kisses Linda x

Album 465….

Well, I have to say – this is definitely my No.1 album to date, I just love the sexy co-ordination of the Leopard Print Coat (from Hobbs) and the underwear set (from Secrets in Lace), as well as the red heels combining perfectly with the red satin of my undies. On top of this a beautiful setting, albeit very busy (as you’ll see) with ’strollers’, ‘dogwalkers’, and everyone other than Dick and Harry (Tom was there lol). And of course this album will definitely answer the question surrounding red shoes and no knickers………Hope you enjoy this fabulous album……

I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one lots…………..Linda xxxx

Album 464….

As many members that book ‘private’ webcam shows will know – ‘Bruno’ is a very close and ‘long’ lasting friend of mine who regularly pops up during uneventful days at work in my office…..hehe. So join me for an ‘up close and personal fun-time’ during a quiet spell……hehe xx.

Vid-clip will follow mid-week….

Linda xx

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