» September 2013

September 2013

Album 459….

The theme for this week’s album is one that I’ve always fancied doing and is my own fun based version of the fabulously sexy US Navy uniform.
I think it has a little bit of a ‘Top Gun’ feel to it too, especially when worn with seamed stockings that of course featured so popularly in the great 1986 movie.

Album 458….

In keeping with previous holiday posts, here is a little scrapbook of holiday pics captured by Tom during our summer hols that didn’t really fall into any specific  album category. Always fab for me to look back on and hope you will enjoy the variation on theme too.

PS Thank you all for the amazing messages and comments on the last Album, look out for a few more ‘out and about’ albums ……coming soon..

Kisses Linda xxxxx

Album 457….

So welcome to a typical working day…….starting slightly after the ‘early morning events’ I hasten to add…..lol.  So the next item on the daily agenda involves dressing and getting ready of course for the day ahead, followed closely by the tediously busy drive to town and a shortish walk from the Car Park to the office…… I should just say Superman ‘spring into action’ with an erection doesn’t usually play a part in my normal day, but nevertheless very entertaining lol. Then of course after arrival at the office a fabulous gift from a very special member is always very welcome. Thereafter, it’s a constant battle dealing with you fellas following me up the stairs, looking down my blouse or looking up my skirt…….hehe – All in a Day’s Work……!!!


Hi again, just a quickie….(now that sounds fun)….to let you know that we will be updating the Preview Pics over the forthcoming weeks, whilst mentioning the Preview album, I’m regularly asked which album the pic of me in grey dress in town, the pic was actually contributed by a local member who comments regularly on various posts, so does not form part of any LoS album, although we do have plans for adding albums along this line in the next couple of months.

Also we will be posting a preview video-clip, including a few selected minutes extracted from previous and recent vid-clips.

Thank you again for so many emails and kind messages on the recent albums.

Linda xxxx

Album 456….

Fully Fashioned Fun on a Farmyard Fotoshoot….bit of a tongue twister…lol. Anyway here is my latest offering and despite the tee-top having a somewhat ‘flattening’ effect on my boobs, the PVC skirt is a real eye catcher and together with my favourite zipper shoes, looks absolutely amazing in contrast to the rustic setting of the farm buildings. I also like the monochrome versions which hopefully will work well as Wallpaper on many PC’s.

Love and Kisses Linda xxxx

Album 455….

(The Earth Moved for Me)

This is probably one of the most difficult albums that we have captured to date….the full story behind this album is included in the members blog, needless to say access to over 5.5 million euros of earth moving equipment came at a price lol. One of most unique and very best albums to date.

Thank you so much for your huge support to my previous holiday posts from France.

Linda xxx

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