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July 2013

Album 450….

The observant members here may recognise the setting from recent posts, but won’t have previously seen these fabulous Jimmy Choo High Heels which I think look amazing with these Ted Baker zipped dresses. So after a wonderful dinner date we lounged around in a seemingly quiet and relaxed bar area, which for some ‘unknown reason’ suddenly became quite busy….lol, including a tap on the shoulder ‘completely out of the blue’ from someone who recognised me from a well known stockings forum, asking if he could have a couple of photos with me…….lol.  So if you do see this blog post……. as I promised, the unmasked originals are available as soon as you join legsonshow – hehe. I’ve also added a few extra pics missed from the very popular Albums 446 and 447.

Finally – A special thank you to Martin M.

Kisses Linda x

Album 449….

As this current heatwave continues to break all records, I’m asked many many times daily if I’m wearing stockings. Well as a general rule I only go bare leg if my legs are nicely tanned.  So as a slight compromise these ‘fencenet’ stockings are the perfect answer along with bottles of water and a makeshift face fan. I guess what I need is some very hunky male ‘fanning’ a wonderfully large ‘palm leaf’ – any volunteers….??

Album 448….

I realised recently, that although I have three 10 Strap Suspender Belts, they rarely make an appearance on this website. I must admit I don’t wear them daily simply because a 6 Strap is just more convenient and also more comfortable during the normal daily duties……though I have to say agree with many members – that the 10 strap looks super sexy and extremely enticing….x

Album 447….

This fabulously sexy suit makes a return as promised with contrasting stockings -which i think looks absolutely fab. It certainly won a few approvals judging by the smiles and the odd wink or two from various on-lookers though that might have also been down to my teetop struggling to keep me covered………hehe x

Look out for some addittions to this bumper album during the week also….x

Album 446….

Welcome to these incredible 7″ spike heels and this amazingly sexy Secrets in Lace underwear set which you may have spotted me opening in a recent album captured in my office. I love this album – the new lens figures in many of the pics and adds an amazing dimension – please don’t expect me to explain the techie part but I really love the 3D effects. I’m also really pleased also that we had an opportunity to capture a fabulously norty video-clip as part of the album……..enjoy x

Linda xx

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