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June 2013

Album 445….

Royal Ascot 1950’s Style

It’s been hard holding back this fabulous post – but I thought it would tie in fabulously with Royal Ascot Week, especially as a few of you know – I was there Wednesday ……wearing these very heels.

Thank you all again for your fantastic support.

Linda xxxx

Album 444….

You’re definitely forgiven for thinking the title of this album refers to myself and this incredibly sexy lace dress…… This fabulous album was taken late afternoon following the earlier photo shoots – when I decided to surprise Tom ahead of Dinner. It’s fair to say his reactions were somewhat immediate and he was soon shooting from every conceivable position….and I’m certain he enjoyed ‘Slipping into Something very Comfortable’……xx

Album 443….

A bumper post – Arrival at the hotel and as you might imagine this fabulously sexy suit caused quite a stir at reception – mind you it would have caused a riot if they knew what I was and wasn’t wearing underneath…..hehe, but of course that’s a special privilege for members only….xxx

Album 422….

Well I have to say I’ve had a fabulous weekend away at a fantastic 5 Star Spa Hotel and as you can see Room Service looked after us particularly well and were especially attentive ‘wink wink’. A bottle of chilled Champagne ahead of my arrival sets the mood for three bumper and amazingly sexy albums, including possibly my all time fav. to date…….though as always it’s what my fabulous members say that matters most.

PS – A very quick thank you for all those that joined during May – one of the most successful months to date.

Linda xxx

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