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May 2013

Album 441….

The second part to this fab album, whilst I don’t normally split albums down, this particular post has proven a huge hit with many. On top of this I’ve just returned from a very naughty weekend away at a luxurious ‘Spa’ hotel with a few albums and video, that I have a sneaky suspicion…….. you’re going to enjoy xxxx

Album 440….

A bumper two-part post…..the idea for this album originates from a ‘posse’ of locals that of course I’m very pleased to welcome as members to LoS, but of course I’m keen to make sure that my world-wide audience don’t miss out on the voyeuristic show also. This album might explain why so many fellas appear to open the door for me then follow me closely up the stairs ……an ‘admirers’ eye view during arrival at my office for you all to enjoy in a fantastic two part album.

I’ve a sneaky suspicion this will prove a huge hit with so many..

Linda xxxxx

Album 439….

A two in one post for my Hooters Girl with a slight twist……I’m certain you’ll agree that my own version of the Hooters outfit is a huge improvement on the shorts and two pairs of tights stipulated by Hooters. I’ve added some Grafitti wall pics with thigh high boots also, just to add a little variation to this theme….x

Album 438….

Q. What does a highly succesful 1950’s Journalist wear under her Mac ?

A. Very little of course….lol

I remember reading and watching the adventures of Superman and the intrepid 50’s Journalist Lois Lane with great enjoyment. So while we were at the train station recently, a re-production of a 1950’s journalist (with a modern twist of course) was high on the priority list. Unfortuately Superman wasn’t around to rescue me from the man with the protruding lens…..although as you’ll see the railway workmen were on standby and obviously enjoying the views (as I’m sure you will too)…….hehe.

Linda xxxx

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