» April 2013

April 2013

Album 437….

Definitely my fav album to date, I adore the 50’s style theme and this ‘live’ train station in the middle of sleepy Somerset certainly lends itself to this theme. The suit is a very recent addition to my wardrobe – it’s fabulous and the hat was bought especially for the post, although I have a sneeky suspicion that it will be making another appearance at ‘ladies day’ at Ascot this year woohoo. And for all those that love this post I should just add – as the actress says to the bishop – ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’ catch up for a ‘Press’ post en-route.

Linda xxxxx

Album 436….

Relaxing at home – following literally hundreds of requests…..here is this amazingly sexy blouse…… without the bra. Look out for some very sexy ‘out and about’ posts…coming very soon.

Album 435….

Judging by the number of emails and comments on the members blog, this album is a huge hit and appears to bring back many memories for all you norty boys that raced into class to grab the front desk positions and to enjoy the ‘best view’. So for all of you late arrivals this album delivers the very best view…….. and far more than you might imagine, the students imagination.

Album 434….

Something a little different for this update. A long term member who contributes regularly to the site blog….. asked if he could experience a photoshoot, so I suggested a meet at my fav local hotel…….and…….one very long car journey later here we are…..
A very big thankyou to Thomas for making such a long journey all the way (by car) from Germany. Hope you enjoyed the pic shoot and managed to capture some fab pics for yourself….. have a very safe journey home – kisses Linda xx.

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