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March 2013

Album 433….

Firstly – please accept my sincere apologies for any incoherence in this blog post….. following a very late night party with everyone involved at www.uniformtease.co.uk. The whole party seemed like a fabulous idea but I have to say that having woke up Sunday Morning at 10.00GMT – 11.00BST on top of the hotel bed and fully clothed the whole evening is still something of a blur. Anyway moving on – Merry Easter all …….this album was taken yesterday (Saturday) morning at my office and ahead of the launch party. I promise to contribute more text just as soon as my current visual impairment resolves itself…….hehe

Album 432….

I have to say – this, without doubt is my fav. album to date and hence the largest on Legsonshow – a real bumper album. WPC Bareham known to my colleagues as ‘Juliet Bra-full’ …..ends another successful day handing out some ‘very stiff’ penalties, including promoting my own ”Don’t Get Caught – Keep Them Taut” campaign hehe.  Look out for the amazing Part Two of this album including some pics out and about which promises to be great fun…..

Believe me when I say this is definitely one of the best…..

Linda xxxx

Album 431….

A slightly different setting for this Retro Style album. I know that the Tan shade stockings are a big hit with many of you, otherwise I might have been tempted to have the whole album produced in monochrome, although I have added a few b/w at the end of the album. And for those that like to see something a little tight fitting on top – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with this how this particular top clings to, and shows off my boobs.

Album 430….

And due to popular demand here is the very fabulous Part Two (ahead of schedule) of this very norty two part post for all you horny impatient fellas. As you can see the second part of this album concluded with quite a messy climax – and another very satisfied client….x

I know this post will be a big hit….. Linda xxx


Album 429….

Well – I have to say that whilst being popular at Secondary School, my interests ‘naturally developed’ well beyond home-economics, with exceptional grades in human biology as well as physical education. Thankfully I’ve been able to put my ‘O’ levels to extremely good use as many male students will testify- lol….. I have to say from my own viewpoint this is definitely one of my more revealing albums to date………though as  always your comments are very welcome and appreciated.

Linda xxx


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