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February 2013

Good News for 2013 – Looking ahead….

Hi all….

As we head towards March, I thought we should share some plans and ideas that we have in place for this year onwards.

As many have noticed and commented, we have invested quite a lot of time and money in improving the quality of photography, inevitably much of the learning has taken place in Studios, which is great for learning photography and producing some fabulous quality posts, but somewhat limited in terms of producing the normal ‘day to day’ type sets that make legsonshow so different to so many other websites….

Also as many of my site members will know – I have also been involved during the winter months in the production of a ‘uniform’ based website, alongside several other models that is due to launch in April, the majority of content being very high quality studio based.

The warmth of the studio has tied in quite well with an extremely cold winter this year and hence some of the these albums are included also on legsonshow.

So as we move forward, we are now looking to get back to a little normality….. including many more outdoor posts, as well as what I call ‘the storyline’ albums, as well as more risque pics. In addition and where we think this might be good for legsonshow……. we will be including the very best of the ‘uniform’ albums typically albums such as a WPC post that involves me out in public and about and apprehending a rather naughty man.

So all in all, I’m very enthusiastic about the year ahead, I also realise that times are very difficult for everyone presently and will definitely not be increasing ‘recurring’* membership fees which will remain less than £10.00 per month.

As far as the ‘uniformtease’ website goes, I will add more info. here nearer the launch and for anyone that is interested I will negotiate a discounted rate for legsonshow members.

So I hope this will re-assure everyone that we have some fabulous ideas ahead and that we are working as hard as ever to maintain the high quality of content and get back to doing more of the typical everyday type shoots that has made legsonshow so fabulously successful.

Thank you all again and again for your fabulous support so far in 2013, I think this could be the best year yet.

Kisses Linda xx  

*recurring charge per month

Album 427….

Welcome to my new massage studio and Part One of this fabulous two part album. As you can see I’m all set up and ready to work my magical hands and slender fingers and as you’ll see in Part Two (‘Cumming Soon’) I soon have the cream spurting all over my new massage couch…..Mmmmm…xx

Can’t wait….

Linda x

Album 426….

I’ve often wondered about working as a Waitress or better still…….running my own restaurant. I’m certain I could offer a little extra attention to all the fellas, mind you I have to say from my short experience at this particular restaurant, the men certainly expect large ‘portions’ and plenty of ‘desert’ course………lol.

A really fun album…..enjoy x

Kisses Linda xxxx

Album 425….

I never ever overlook the generosity of you fabulous fellas that support this website and make the whole thing possible. On top of this I am overhelmed by the generosity of members that send me such fabulous and well thought through gifts. So this album in particular is dedicated to all that have sent me gifts over the last few years. This amazing ‘satin’ blouse from A. xx by (Hawes and Curtis) ‘tailored’ London is just amazingly sexy and the vibrant colour ‘stands out’ as I’m sure you’ll appreciate…….hehe. On top of this…….and having initially set out to capture some blouse pics – a package arrives from Secrets in Lace USA – thankyou M. xx including some fabulous and incedibly sexy (Bettie Page) lingerie. Besides being a big part of my day to day wear, I promise these items will definitely feature in some forthcoming albums too…..

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