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January 2013

Album 424…. An evening of Burlesque – well as far as variation goes, this album will please many tastes.  A night away for a Burlesque show in town, commences with my own Burlesque exhibition on the hotel balcony, followed by a bath, followed by getting ready for the evening out, followed by even more evening fun after the show…. again on the hotel Balcony. After an evening of stocking-clad show girls, poor Tom couldn’t resist any longer and his own zoom lens was soon shooting in and out…..Mmmmmmm xx

(Definitely one of my fav. albums to date).

Linda x

Members Blog…. Just a quick note to let you know I have re-added the ‘members only’ blog, where members can communicate with my directly on a personal level or as part of a members open forum. I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas for the year ahead….. Linda xxx

Album 423….

So when it comes to keeping stimulating the minds of those in the classroom, Miss Bareham doesn’t have too many problems, especially with her cane close to hand, not to mention the wonderful vision of her trademark fully fashioned stockings and exceptionally high heels.  The only problem appears to be the number of boys requesting toilet breaks during class………… Now – hands up all of you norty boys who have had many a fantasy with a similar school-setting in the past……xx

Album TOM….

A little interim – addition to the gallery, absolutely nothing to do with the normal website update(s), but since setting out to improve the quality of photography from 1st January 2013 onwards…. we have spent what seems a small fortune on camera, lenses and numerous courses, which frankly…though interesting to a point… are completely mind boggling……for me at least.

That said – I’m overwhelmed by the many comments received in the last few weeks regarding the improvements in both content and quality of photography – and the many members asking me so many technical questions about camera ‘this that and everything’ all of which are about as comprehensible (to me anyway) as reading a chinese menu after a night of cocktails.

So – step forward the fella who takes the majority of my pics….. and explain why our bank account is now so over-drawn lol……… The intention is for Tom to add (on a regular basis) some ‘behind the scenes’ pics as well as some of the more techie things for the many camera enthusiasts.

Moving forward (and apologies for my slight scowl above) – I really hope Album 423 will be just as succesful for members as the ‘cock’ tail barmaid in 422 has been……… coming this weekend x

Linda xxx

Album 422….

Definitely my fav. album to date, the idea for this album originates from a very popular night club in Bournemouth back in my regular night clubbing days with an old boyfriend…. which had a number of these actual ‘cocktail stations’ in the VIP lounge, all of which were serviced by some very glamorous staff wearing fabulous cocktail style dresses. Fair to say that many wore stockings, and many of which made some very good tips from the wealthy punters……..so all tips will be very graciously accepted hehe..xxx

PS A big thank you to Tom B too for some fab. photography…x

Album 421….

So as we ‘kick off’ 2013 what better way to start than with a 9.00 min + vid-clip as well as an album of fabulously high quality photographs of me having on-line webcam fun from my own work office with various members of www.legsonshow.com*. I’m sure you will soon appreciate my intention to make sure that we continue to provide the very highest standard of content for my very fabulous web-site members…….

*Webcam shows of course are only available to my website members

Linda xxxx

Happy New Year All….

I’m very happy to say that 2013 started with an enormous ‘bang’ and I’m absolutely certain that members of legsonshow will soon recognise that I intend to make sure that we continue to be the very best website of it’s kind for many years ahead……xx

I wish a very happy new year to all existing and previous members, as well as potential members and visitors alike…….to the very fabulous www.legsonshow.com

Love and kisses always Linda x

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