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November 2012

Album 414….

When it comes to dealing with figures – you’ll surely agree Miss Bareham is certainly very impressive. With a stunning 36F bustline – the Physics teacher will need to explain how this blouse manages to defy Newtons third Law of Physics….hehe.

Linda xx

Album 413….

So as a seductively sexy glamour post goes it doesn’t get much better than this – A Night of Seduction – Join me and watch carefully as I allow this transparent robe to fall to the floor revealing this incredibly sexy underwear chosen especially for your pleasure…… along with fabulously sexy Tan fully fashioned nylon stockings and 18cm high leopard print heels – pure seduction in abundance……..hurry up and join me……and pop the cork off the champagne……. woohoo xxx

A Double Post….

This week see’s a bumper double post including Album 412 – my own interpretation of the famous ‘Marilyn’ scene complete with fully fashioned nylons and 7″ heels – The Seven Inch Itch hehe…. as well as an addition to the members ‘Your Shirt Here’ album to celebrate the success of Celtic’s win over Barcelona this week. I’m sure all Celtic Football Club supporters will enjoy seeing their shirt modeled with my own ‘boots’ lol.

Linda xx

Album 411….

Party season is almost here and the early signs are that this year is likely to be as busy as the last few – and with two ‘fancy dress’ parties included in the Christmas / New Year festivities, I’ve added this naughty nurse outfit for the first party on 1st Dec which I’m sure will have potential patients queuing up for a thorough examination……lol.

Enjoy Linda xxxxx

2nd November. Winter certainly seems to be upon us as temperatures suddenly drop – I’ve finally succumbed …..despite much resistance …..to opening up my winter wardrobe. Of course that’s not all bad news, I have some amazingly sexy winter outfits as well as plans to expand my wardrobe even further…..hehe and I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my new additions with you during the next few months.

I’ve also added a ‘Marilyn’ dress preview pic today – look out for this fabulous post later this month.

Kisses Linda x

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