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September 2012

Album 405…. The first Barmaid album certainly seemed to ‘raise’ a lot of interest last month – so here is the the second offering along the bar theme which I’m sure many will identify with hehe….. and I’m sure you will soon notice that your new barmaid is wearing fully fashioned nylons with a fabulously distinctive Havana heel. I’m also sure that if you look over the bar you will catch some very enticing upskirt views particularly as everyone seems to want bottled beers from the bottom shelves lol……x

HD Video Clips.

Apologies for delay in getting these up and running unfortunately our venture into the world of HD coincided with our web-designers holiday, on top of this Tom recorded the clips in the highest possible definition and a simple three minute test clip took almost an hour to upload.  I’m told we are now ‘up and running’ and that the forthcoming HD vid-clips  will no longer bring the entire internet infrastructure in UK to a grinding halt..lol x

On a positive note we are now able to produce some fabulous HD DVD’s – and I’m now looking forward to posting some (reduced) HD vid-clips as part of our weekly updates.

Kisses Linda x

Album 404…. I have to admit that it’s good to get back to a little normality after the fabulous pro-shoots posted in the last few albums. So welcome to this recent sexy addition to my ‘office wardrobe’ the dress is from LaFrock – and despite being amazing quality their products are very credit card friendly. And as I’m sure you’ve already noted from the ablum…. it barely covers the tops of my stockings – so look out for Part Two of this post which includes an exciting test run around town……hehe. And ‘just like buses’…..a couple of ‘trial’ HD vidclips to be added as part of this post……..I’m sure you’ll appreciate and enjoy these …..as the quality is already significantly better than the previous cam…….a bumper album for all members x Linda xxx

Album 403…. The Lord of the Manor post is now on-line and definitely my favourite from my glamour shoot away with a fabulous photographer. As you’ll see – I literally have to ‘bend over backwards’ to entertain and please my master.  I’m sad to say this is the last of the albums from this shoot, though I do have another very special shoot featuring various uniforms….. planned ahead of Christmas, which I’m certain will prove a fabulous early Christmas bonus for all members.  Thank you all so much for so many kind emails and messages regarding the new site format and recent posts, as mentioned I’m as keen as ever to keep improving the whole experience for the very loyal visitors and members of Legsonshow. Thank you again and again….Linda xxx

Saturday 15th September. Just a quick post before I make my way into town on a fabulously sunny Saturday afternoon. The ‘mission’ should I succeed is to buy a skirt for work – however as always – I’m certain this particular mission will end up in complete failure – everything but a skirt and yet more dismay for my bank manager and credit card company – hehe x

Album 402…. As a very busy the lady of the manor, afternoon tea is simply essential and Carson thankfully respects my requirements for ‘rigid’ time keeping and always comes at just the appropriate moment. ‘Does the Lady require more cream’…? ‘But of course Carson, you know I simply adore the cream’ A fabulous album which also includes plenty feet pics for all the foot fetish supporters. Thank you all – enjoy Linda xxx

7th September A fabulously warm weekend ahead – woohoo and invitations to two fabulous BBQ parties (Saturday and Sunday) which I’m really looking forward to… Hope you all have a great weekend too and I look forward to sharing Album 402 with you Sunday / Monday. BTW – Just ordered an amazingly sexy skirt from Agent Provocateur with Lace panels in all the very norty places hehe….can’t wait to show it in a forthcoming album. Linda x

4th September I’m really delighted to note that Gio Stockings have added me onto their website. As many of the site members will know, I often wear the fabulous Gio brand and I’m overwhelmed to be featured on their website http://www.giostockings.com/ The original pic http://www.legsonshow.com/?page_id=163 also appears on my preview page. I should also just add that I recently purchased a number of pairs of Gio’s from stockingshq – (banner on my links page)…. and was absolutely delighted with the service and (by return) delivery. Linda x

Album 401…. is now on line…. and I have to say that this is def. one of my favs to date taken during my couple of days away with a pro-glamour photographer. Some of the pics from this album are certainly among my favs on Legsonshow. I’m also very happy to say that Tom is back this week and subject to his own schedule, we may try to capture a pic set to post in-between the next pro-glamour album. Also on a really positive note, we will be concentrating our efforts on producing some imaginative HD vid-clips and will be adding these to the members area as well as adding a very small ‘teaser’ in the ‘preview’ for visitors. Linda xxx

September 1st already I just can’t believe we are already into September, time just seems to fly by, with little or no consideration for all of the things that need to be done each and every day. I also can’t believe that Christmas 2012 is looming not to mention my own 42nd Birthday just a few days ahead of Christmas… And in case anyone was thinking of a little self indulgence ahead of Christmas – we are now looking to upgrade our camera equipment and would be pleased to pass on our existing Canon EOS 450D 12.2 Mpix, 3 x optical zoom EF-S 18-55mm IS lens, black together with Tamron 70-300mm F4/5.6 DI LD Macro (Nikon AF) a package I’m told would cost £600.00 + at the mo and has served us extremely well through the last few years. On top of this the 4Gb memory card will contain ‘unique’ pics of myself that are not available on the website. Please email me via the contact me form for more details of this fabulous opportunity to own a huge part of the success of www.legsonshow.com Linda xxx

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