Album 791….

So here is the latest addition to my skirt collection and I think it’s going to be a very popular addition for my members here.
This short leather ‘V’ line skirt feels amazing to wear and definitely shows lot’s of leg whether standing, walking or sitting….it’s absolutely perfect.
I have also grabbed lot’s of ‘up close and personal’ selfies that will follow shortly in Album 792.

Enjoy xxxx

Album 792….

Following the introduction of the V-Line leather skirt, here is a little selfie album including some naughty ‘V’ close-ups showing the full extent of it’s sexiness. It’s one of those skirts that will make any outfit look completely indecent hehe….

Look out for the return of this skirt in some ‘out and about’ in some out albums.

Stay Safe all….

Hugs xxxx

Album 793….

As lock down restrictions begin to ease, I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to some normality and back to work but most of all….I’m really looking forward to getting out and about again.

That said – I’ve enjoyed the working from home scenario and here is another opportunity to post a super sexy working from home theme that has proven so popular during the lockdown. This leather mini skirt and see-through thong will definitely ‘lift members’ hehe xxxx


Album 794….

Here is a slightly different style of stockings manufactured by Eleganti and supplied by Secrets in Lace – featuring a contrast seam and a very glimmering effect. I have to say they are fabulous to wear and have already created some ‘interesting’ comments from fellas. However I’m certain that it won’t be just the stockings that members will notice and comment on in this particular album….hehe x

Hugs all….xxxx

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