Album 787….

As mentioned in recent posts, this month see’s the commencement of some major overhaul and refurbishment in ‘Bareham Manor’ commencing with floors’ up and back to bare bones. And whilst I mention bones there has certainly been some very visible one’s during the many tradesmen visits of late, maybe it’s just seeing a Highly Visible female….hehe

Enjoy xxxx

Album 788….

Firstly I have to apologise for the delay in posting this album, due in large to the vast amount of tradesmen in the house this past week – not that I’m complaining of course. However we have finally managed to grab an hour or two in the ‘lockdown’ sunshine and here is a truly fabulous album caught on a really fabulous sunny day featuring Leather, Satin and Suede, not to mention a peek of ‘fur’………lol x

I’m absolutely certain this will be a huge hit for many many members….

Hugs and kisses all….xxxx

Album 789….

As many members here will know, I am currently in the middle of some major home renovations, never quite seen so much dust and debris, though on a positive note – the company of some burly workmen has definitely been very welcome. So here’s an early ‘sneak peak‘ of Work in Progress which I hope will be completed by the end of August, depending of course how keen the workmen are to get completed hehe….

Hugs and Kisses

Linda xxxx

Album 790….

The last couple of weeks of the renovation works have been extremely hardwork – however for the first time for many months I can see light at the end of a very long tunnel. So here is a new Spare Bedroom fully laden with it’s own built in wardrobes and directional spotlights to enhance the whole ‘scene making’.
And as a first album for this new room – a fabulous new pair of White thigh high PVC Boots with 130cm Chrome Heels feature – I think they look truly amazing in this debut album for this room.

‘Stay Safe and Keep Well’ all….

Hugs Linda xxxx

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