» April 2020….

April 2020….

Album 782….

Welcome to this fabulous Black Satin Blouse – a Gift from a fabulous member….slightly underestimating my measurements which I’m sure will be very ‘appreciated’ by many, especially when teamed up with this very short leather mini-skirt….
I think….actually I know…. this will be a ‘huge’ fav. for many members.

Stay Safe all….Hugs Linda xxxx

Album 783….

The CERVIN authentic transparent Outline Heel stockings featured in an earlier album this year and ‘raised’ plenty of interest and reaction. The tan version will certainly do likewise especially with the contrasting black seam and some fabulous close-up selfies, not to mention two video-clips….woohoo x
I’m certain this album will also delight the many foot lovers and worshippers that visit here regularly.

Hugs all Linda xxxx

Album 785….

This is definitely one of my favourite recent posts. A very modern outfit featuring these extremely vampish High Heels from Rosa captured in a very historic setting. This album features many angles and the monochrome additions really add to the overall appeal of this post, hope you will enjoy….

Vampish meaning

ADJECTIVE: denoting or characteristic of a seductive woman who uses her sexual attractiveness to entice men.

Hugs and kisses and please stay safe….

Linda xxxx

Album 786….

Despite the continued lock-down in the UK – I absolutely love this album featuring this very popular Olive Green chained dress. The effect on my boobs is wonderful and the various angles captured in this particular album are simply fab.
I’m sure that this album will go someway to ‘relieving’ the stress of lock-down and the tension created during Covid-19.

Stay safe all……..xxxx

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