These are uncertain times, however I want to resassure all members past, present and future that I’m utilising this ‘lockdown’ period to provide some additional (two per week) fabulous updates to hopefully lift your spirits.

Take care all and please stay safe….

Hugs and Kisses

Linda xxxx

Album 777….

In response to so many requests from members, I’m adding dedicated WFH (Working From Home) albums featuring naughty videos and albums from my very early posts at LoS. The first video-clip has certainly ‘developed huge interest’ and I’m certain the return of my close friend ‘Bruno’ in the forthcoming will definitely leave you fulfilled….

Two Updates this Weekend….

Firstly I hope you and your loved ones are staying well and keeping safe.

In keeping with our promise we will be adding two updates this weekend, the first will be a blast from the past, the second will be a topical ‘Working from Home’ album featuring a Satin Blouse together with something leather….

Hugs and Kisses always.

Linda xxxx

Album 778….

This particular album in particular illustrates the level of interaction between you the fabulous audience and me your hostess. This particular album follows up on the success of Album 776 and the posts from many members requesting another album featuring this white Satin Blouse as well as a topical WFH (Working from Home) setting…. On top of this I’ve also featured the gorgeously sexy ‘Memphis’ fully fashioned stockings that sent members ‘towering’.
So just to illustrate the interactivity and response to members, here is the very album albeit … the windy UK conditions presently.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy….Hugs All xxxx

Album 779….

Video Clip – A Blast from the Past and a drive in this fabulously raucous Audi RS Sports Car.

Album 780….

These amazing sling-back heels make another appearance together with a satin ‘double breasted’ (rude comments anticipated) blouse….
The Satin blouses are definitely proving very popular with members, so many of you fab fellas will be pleased to know I have an amazing black version ready to team up with a mini-skirt in a forthcoming album….
In the meantime thank you all again and again for your amazing support during these incredibly difficult times.

Stay Safe All….

Hugs Linda xxxx

Album 781….

Video Clip – Another Blast from the Past and Part One of a Video Clip from Many Years ago (June 2009) captured during my fresh arrival at work and usual start to the day – responding to emails etc etc. As you’ll see in Part Two of this well endowed renowned video-clip an unexpected visitor certainly turned this morning into a ‘very fulfilling’ one….

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