Album 773….

The first of four fabulously fetish albums for February. This particular album features this popular Blue Leather Zip Skirt and matching laced waist clincher, together with two new additions to LoS ….these super sexy CERVIN SO!! authentic Fully Fashioned Seam Nylon Veil with transparent Outline Heel stockings displayed to their very best with these incredibly stylish Mule heels . A truly tantlising album for this weekend.

Album 774….

Fetish February continues with the return of this amazingly sexy Tan leather mini-skirt and I have to say as mini-skirts go, they don’t get much more ‘miniscule‘ than this. On top of this, a slightly see-thro vest top adds some of that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ .

Album 775….

Given the sporting restrictions currently I thought I ought to step up and offer this very new theme for LoS including my first visit to a snooker table and an interesting lesson on ‘stroking the cue’ and ‘tickling the balls’. I have to say I enjoyed seeing the hole filled with a ball or two….

Stay safe all during these incredibly difficult times for us all….Hugs and kisses to you all….

God bless….xxxx


In light of many of us now spending a lot more time at home, idle hands and all that. You may consider publishing of some of the archives to keep up our aerobic activity and at the very least send our fitbits into overdrive.

Some of the more action packed sets would be appreciated


So as we face the uncertainty of times ahead and the fast developing concept of ‘Working From Home’ not to mention the need for ‘extra aerobic activity’ we’ve decided to add additional ‘blasts from the past’, including some ‘spicy’ albums / vid-clips….

Look out for WFH albums.

Album 776….

A new addition to the LoS boot collection makes it’s debut in the two-in-one album and I must say I think this album (despite some windy conditions) is one of my favs to date.
I’m certain this album will wrap up a fetish themed February just perfectly.

Hugs all….xxxx

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