» November 2019….

November 2019….

Album 760….

Here is the seventh ‘# throw back thursday album’.
As many early site members will recall, my passion for sporty popular French cars started early in my driving life. Here is the evidence of this during a visit to a very popular local dealership. Needless to say the Salesmen were extremely keen to give me a test-drive….

Album 761….

Album 761 has definitely proven to be one of the most successful albums posted this year and this little addition of a selfie video clip is a simple thank you for all of your fabulous emails and messages in response to the post.


Album 762….

Welcome to the eighth ‘# throw back thursday album’.
This album definitely has ‘throw-back’ written all over it and the glimpses of the ‘stockings-on-cam’ website on the screen are a very fabulous reminder of the fun that I’ve had over the years of entertaining the truly incredible members, many of whom have remained loyal throughout.
A very huge thank you as always to members past, present and hopefully the future…..x

Party Season is nearly upon us….

Party Season is nearly here and I’m really looking forward to sharing a few party dresses as well as a traditional Christmas Day post with you fabulous fellas. Thank you all for your support to this website and I wish you all a happy party season ahead.

Love and Kisses Linda xxxx

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