» September 2019….

September 2019….

Album 755….

Welcome to the fourth ‘# throw back thursday album’ and this extremely album captures one of the early webcam appearances available to all website members. I must say we had some incredibly fun times, though the regular fun-filled evenings certainly left me exhausted (in the nicest possible way) and regularly late for work the following day….xxxx

Album 754….

Welcome to the third ‘# throw back thursday album’ and this extremely daring album was captured by an anonymous ‘White Van Driver’ – ”how very dare he” on a busy dual carriageway. He even had the audacity to follow me to a Service Station….I can’t you believe the lengths you fellas go to….

Enjoy….Linda xxxx

Album 753….

As many of you will know – I’m a big fan of selfies in moderation, I think they add authenticity as well as a simple honesty to this website. So here is a collection of selfies captured during outings over a number of years, that I hope you will appreciate, I will be adding to this album throughout this week….and beyond xxxx

Album 752….

The second of the #hashtag throw back thursday albums returns this fabulously daring album captured in a beautiful, very historic and very public setting some twelve or so years ago. It’s definitely an all time fav if only for it’s sheer ‘cheekiness‘ xxxx


Linda xxxx

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