» August 2019….

August 2019….

Album 751….

I have to say I think this latest album will perk up many ‘members’ for two reasons….xxxx
I should just add I wasn’t quite aware of how transparent the top might be in his weekends very extremely autumnal weather, but my photographer has clearly focused his attention and camera on everything other than the fabulous setting .
Long may this good weather continue….xxxx

Album 750….

The very first of the #hashtag throw back thursday albums which will serve as a supplementary weekly album bringing back many memories from years gone by….

Hugs and kisses always….

Linda xxxx

#throw back thursday….

As suggested by a very long term member and in order to keep up regular postings – we will be posting a regular #tbt (#hashtag throw back thursday) album. This album will include a selection of fav pics from either albums expired, or simply a carefully gathered ‘themed’ collection.

Hugs and Jugs xxxx


Album 749….

This particular dress has proven to be a winner and a big favorite throughout it’s appearances on LoS. I make no apologies for including it into this selfie album, I’m sure members will appreciate seeing it filled to it’s full potential….hehe

Love and Kisses….

Linda xxxx

Album 748….

Wow, the late summer sunshine just keeps coming, perfect for this particular album featuring an underwear only album outdoors in the fabulous late summer sunshine. Look out for more additions to possibly one of the best albums posted to date….

Hugs all….

Linda xxxx

Bank Holiday Weekend

Wow….forgive me for making the most of the extended bank holiday weekend, temperatures in sunny Bournemouth have been circa 30 degrees and the town has been absolutely rocking with the traditional high numbers of Stag and Hen parties. Sunday afternoon for me was spent in the ‘not so tourist’ Alumchine beach area – slightly less tourist however the parties are now spilling into the less populated areas and slightly unfortunately…. I decided to cut my topless bathing short – for my own safety.

So look out for updates on some of the recently posted albums as well as a whole new album captured Saturday morning featuring the sunshine and my love of smart but very erotic summer style.

Love and Kisses….Linda xxxx

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