» June 2019….

June 2019….

Album 744….

So here’s your opportunity to open up a debate on which of these amazingly sexy ‘Satin’ blouses would be best to wear for an evening out at a local Thai Restaurant, I already have a small bet on your vote…..hehe x

Enjoy xxxx

Album 743….

One of the benefits of a good summer is the good old coffee break sat out in the sunshine catching up with emails and messages from you wonderful members. This black and white skirt is a very recent addition to my wardrobe and looks and feels fabulous to wear in the summer sun.

Hugs and Kisses xxxx

Album 742….

The weekday ritual often means an ‘early rise’ followed closely by a ‘shower’….oh I can hear your dirty minds working overtime….followed by a carefully considered selection of outfit, underwear and of course high-heels. So join me for a fabulous selfie ‘fly-on-the-wall’ album during my preparations for the day ahead.

The early response to the initial post for this album has been incredibly positive, please keep the messages flowing….

Hugs Linda xxxx

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