» April 2019….

April 2019….

Album 738….

This album is sure to prove a huge favourite with long term members who will remember the immensely popular post (exactly 400 albums previous) – capturing a very exciting attempt to clean my Patio doors in a very low cut vest top and leather skirt. So here’s an up to date version of this fabulous album – I’m certain you’ll enjoy it just as much as the original.


Linda xxxx 

Album 737….and more.

Thank goodness for the forthcoming bank holiday weekend….the last month or so has been quite intense on both work and pleasure levels, so I’m really looking forward to a little additional time to bring things up to date.
This extended weekend will see two fab ‘Nostalgic’ updates with modern day versions of two very iconic albums from the LoS vault.
On top of this I have a vid-clip planned as well as some super sexy albums to be captured during a training day and two overnight stays at a hotel.
Love, Hugs and Kisses always….

Linda xxxx

Album 736….

The amazing Easter weather provides yet another opportunity to post some pics from this lovely setting in North Devon. I have to say I love the contrast seams manufactured by Gio and I’m sure you’ll agree the ‘red on black’ is a seriously sexy contrasting combination.


Album 735….

The Spring weather has provided another early season opportunity for me to enjoy another week long break back in Devon with a regular LoS photographer. I’m sure that the combination of my own selfie images as well as some fabulous ‘professional’ photography at this amazing home will be very popular addition to my website.

Love and kisses all….

Linda xxxx

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