» January 2019….

January 2019….

Album 726….

I just know that the return of this fabulous ‘slash dress’ will be a very welcomed by so many LoS members, it’s definitely one of my sexiest dresses and members comments over the years have certainly made it breathtakingly sexy and fun to wear too.

Kisses Linda xxx

Album 725….

A weekend away – just a few miles from home is nevertheless a welcome break and an opportunity to relax and refresh, it also provides an opportunity to invite you along on a ‘virtual weekend’ away me.
So this, the first of two albums begins with arrival at the hotel…..enjoy xxxx

Album 724….

As promised here is a little video-clip featuring the really interesting Memphis Fully Fashioned stockings as well as some more fab pics captured in the LoS headquarters….
We’re away next weekend at a seaside hotel so lookout for a couple of albums featuring arrival as well as a fabulous evening dress.

Love and Kisses

Linda xxxx

Album 723….

The first post for 2019 includes the very first album featuring the very new addition to the Gio Collection of Fully Fashioned Stockings – ‘The Memphis Heel’.

I have to say they are a great addition and certainly draw some ‘interest’ when out and about. The sexy Suspender dress makes a very welcome return as part of this fabulous album.

Look out also for a little fun video-clip to follow this post.


Linda xxx

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