» November 2018….

November 2018….

Album 717….

Album 717 kicks off Party Season – featuring the most sexy high heel additions to my huge collection, I have to say despite the very vampish styling, they are incredibly comfortable and have already drawn many compliments from male onlookers…. ‘as expected’ but also a few very appreciated remarks from females.
These are sure to feature in the new year as well, alongside a few new variants on this particular style.

Hugs and Kisses all….

Linda xxxx

Album 716….

Some last min pics featuring this super sexy latex / lace dress captured in this fabulous apartment on the Thames Bank with the magnificent magnificent backdrop provided by the Shard as well as so many famous and historic landmarks in Central London..

Kisses Linda xxx

Album 715….

I have to say this is my very first “experience” in a Private Jet and despite the glorious summer weather it’s a little more bumpy at times than a ‘Jumbo Jet’ flight. Thankfully the complimentary champagne helped to steady the nerves as well as some of the photography….hehe x

Hic….Linda xxxx

Album 714….

I must admit to being sad to saying goodbye to this absolutely amazing setting that has provided some truly unique and fabulous albums for the members here at LoS, it’s very unlikely that we will get such a wonderful opportunity again. I’ve therefore made sure that we’ve saved the very best for last and this particular album is definitely a great send off to the wonderful Private Jet.

Kisses All

Linda xxxx

Party Season is Nearing….

Apologies for this particular reminder, but the very delayed transition from summer to winter is definitely ‘slow-burning’ due to a very confused and confused autumn. Despite this….party season is certainly nearing and will soon be upon us.
On a very positive note I’m preparing myself for a fetish show in London featuring an incredibly sexy latex / lace combination and some absolutely fabulous pics out and about along the Thames etc…. subject of course to weather conditions.

If all else fails, we’re certainly planning our own ‘party season bonanza’ including some up-close and very personal fun.

Finally if this isn’t enough to send you into euphoria, join us for a very unique and very sexy christmas day post – straight from the kitchen in the heat of the action lol…xx

Hugs and kisses all.

Kisses Linda xxxx

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