» October 2018….

October 2018….

Album 713….

One of the ‘other benefits’ of a sexy weekend at a hotel in town is a shopping day the “morning after the night before” and as many of you regular members will know I love to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and absolutely adore bold print and / or vivid colour jackets / skirts.
So welcome to this very fashionable snakeskin jacket which looks just amazing with this wonderfully classy polo neck as well as some incredibly sexy slingback high-heels accentuating these Gio Havana fully fashioned stockings.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to tell me how much…..lol

I love reading members comments.

Linda xxxx

Album 712….

This is likely to be a big contender for my own album of the year featuring a fabulous Private Jet, a super live airport setting, beautiful weather and a fab Porsche…..not to mention this ever popular ‘V’ line dress that defies gravity and all laws of structural engineering hehe….x


Album 711….

This album follows the ‘hugely’ enjoyable stopover in a fabulous seafront hotel in town…..the morning after the night before. I have to admit to feeling somewhat ‘jaded’ although it’s been a very welcome and fun break. Thank you all for so many kind comments on the previous latex album, look out for a very saucy addition to my latex wardrobe in the next few weeks…..xx

Album 710….

This album was very much last minute, with this wonderful Latex Leopard Print Skirt Suit arriving just yesterday morning coinciding with a celebratory short hotel break away. I have to say it fits like a glove although as you’ll notice….it does take some added effort to squeeze my boobs in hehe……x

Love and Kisses

Linda xxxx

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