» September 2018….

September 2018….

Album 708….

A slight break from the traditional look and style produced here at LoS featuring these amazingly sexy fishnet stockings from axami they are truly fabulous and fit beautifully….and for those of you requesting more ‘boobs on show’ I definitely think this album will ”deliver”…..

Love and Kisses xxxx

Album 707….

I have to admit that since hiring this fabulous Private Jet, this was likely to be one of my favourite albums in parallel with the fabulous Steam Train album from a few years ago, and I have to say this 50’s style skirt suit still looks truly fabulous.
The bright blue sky and the strong sunshine is a definite bonus….(especially as Autumn has just hit the UK with a bang) although I’m hoping that we can also transfer the entire album into monochrome to add a little juxtaposition to the pics as a little extra for members.

Love and Kisses all….as always xx

Linda xxx

Album 706….

This album follows on from Album 704 and includes a few of my fav pics to date captured at low level walking through the aisle. I’m really looking forward to some of the following albums from this incredibly unique photographic opportunity.


Album 705….

Just arrived home from an absolutely fabulous Goodwood Revival 2018….

Weather was fabulous (for a change) and I have to say I have never seen such a crowd on a Friday, I’ve had such an amazing time meeting members past, present and hopefully future….I’m exhausted….x

Here is a selection of pics captured from this truly fabulous event….enjoy

Linda xxxx


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