» August 2018….

August 2018….

Album 704….

After literally months of organising, we finally manage to bring to the website some fabulously unique albums featuring this amazing private jet. This first album is part of a two album post with this authentic hostess uniform kindly donated by a very generous LoS member.
A Part Two to this album in sweltering ‘Sunny Climes’ to follow…

Linda xxx


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Album 703….

This particular album featuring a video-clip and photo album was inspired by a comment posted on the members blog for Album 701 illustrating as always the ‘inter-activity’ I have with the fabulous and cherished members here. I think it perfectly captures the more ‘interesting’ way to exit a sporty car hehe.

Enjoy all and thank you always for your comments in the members blog.

Love and Kisses always….

Linda xxxx

Album 702….

As you will see from the previous album posted yesterday – the skies opened up and as they say ‘rain stopped play’.
However I have to say the rain was very welcome after a scorching summer and has cleaned up the garden etc.
So here is Part Two of this post and I must add that I simply love the combination of leopard print heels and coat – fabulous..

Kisses xxxx



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