» July 2018….

July 2018….

Album 701….

Firstly, a huge thank you to so many members congratulatory messages on Album 700, it’s always a pleasure to post albums – and I’m certainly looking forward to post the next 100.

This week’s album featuresĀ a small collection of very recent additions to my fabulous high heel collection – currently standing at some 120 pairs and growing week by week. Unfortunately, this album was cut short due to (dare I say it) a sudden and unexpected downpour… lol.

Part Two (following the downpour) to follow soon.

Kisses xxxx


Album 700….

Well…. here’s yet another milestone (Album 700) has been posted, I have to say I’m really proud to still be here and it’s simply amazing to be attracting such a dedicated following after so many years.
As a celebration of this particular milestone, I’ve provided an opportunity for a long-term member and keen photographer to visit my home and capture this particular album.

As you will see this is an absolutely fabulous album and beautifully captured (due to sudden adverse weather conditions) in a very simple setting.

I’m certainly looking forward to the next 700 albums and thank you all for your amazing support over so many enjoyable years.

Kisses all….x

Linda xxxxx

Album 699….

Welcome to some very new additions to LoS.
These amazing Manhatten Point Heel Stockings are almost as sexy as it gets and this amazing floral summer dress is a very close runner, but I’m sure you’ll agree this Golf R is the outright winner….and does it fly – though your votes on this album are as always the deciding factor and of course are very welcome….xxx

Album 698….

This ‘star’ studded leather jacket originally appeared on LoS back in February as part of a two piece leather skirt suit. I’ve since worn the jacket with various skirts, but I have to say I think it looks fabulous with this very popular ‘slightly see-through’ dress that has also featured in a few albums over the last three to four years. Besides the sexiness of the outfit, I’m sure the lack of a specific item of underwear will be very appreciated also….hehe xxx

Love and Kisses xxxx

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