» June 2018….

June 2018….

Album 695….

As one particular member here will testify, here is my Saturday evening outfit for an enjoyable night with friends at Southampton Waterfront. I have to say it’s a lively place to be on a Saturday eve and was really busy with revelers, including a site member here who introduced himself and even offered to buy me a drink. And no…. he wouldn’t have known at the time that I was ‘commando’, that’s a surprise that he’ll soon learn from this album.

So welcome to this floral pencil skirt that looks  and feels fabulous.

Kisses all

Linda xxxxx


Album 694….

I love this latest addition to my vast collection of High Heels, the leopard print, colour and cross-strap styling certainly draws plenty of attentions and this album captures the very best angles. Another new addition are these gorgeous RHT stockings from Secrets in Lace which feel absolutely gorgeous to wear and shimmer fabulously in sunlight.


Kisses all xxxx

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