» April 2018….

April 2018….

Album 690….

Us Brits are very used to poor weather over Bank Holiday Weekends, so forgive us for making the very most of any opportunity to take advantage of a few sunny days and expose ourselves to the glorious sunshine – not to mention exposing myself to the fabulous website members here at LoS.

Lot’s more updates throughout the week….xxx

Love and Kisses Linda xxx

Album 689….

I have to admit I do laugh when I read the ‘women’s underwear should never be seen’ campaigners, surely the whole point of wearing sexy underwear is – ”to be seen”.

So in keeping with the campaigning minority, I’ve decided to hide myself away underneath this skin-tight leatherette dress so that you’ll never guess what I’m wearing underneath…..hehe.

Enjoy xxx

Album 688….

Something  a little different, a high quality selfie album featuring some new additions to my bra collection matched together with some very sexy blouses.

Look out for the stunning ‘Honey Burdette’ Bra.


Album 687….

After a really hectic long weekend, Album 686 has been posted and I have to say love it. Album 687 (see upload Wednesday) concludes our Devon weekend and features a very striking and colourful outfit and of course more pantie-less pics.
My next update #688 will feature some revealing tops and blouses as well as some new and incredibly sexy bras, I’m looking forward to the ‘shoot’ lol.

I’m also mindful that we need to add plenty more video, so this might just be an ideal album to capture a vid-clip too…..xxx

In the meantime I hope you continue to enjoy the updates.

Thank you all for continued support.

Kisses Linda xxxx

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