» March 2018….

March 2018….

Album 686….

The ‘Choker’ is often related to fetish bondage, however they do date back thousands of years, more recently they were worn in the 19th century to suggest ”availability”.
I think this particular choker probably makes the message a lot clearer than suggestion and looks stunning with this laced dress. I’m sure this album will prove a big favourite with many members here……..enjoy xxx

Easter Holiday Weekend….

Awwwww you fellas have been so kind, the most recent comments on Album 685 (to date) are as always….very appreciated and hugely inspiring.
So this Easter Bank Holiday weekend provides an ideal opportunity to catch up on all things website as well some shopping for summer albums and I have to say I’ve had quite a spree today, adding some fabulous items to my underwear / lingerie collection.

Lookout for continued updates to Album 685 as well as the addition of Album 686 which features a very naughty ‘SEX’ choker.

Kisses all.

Linda xxxx

Album 685….

Difficult to imagine a more ‘miniest’ leather mini skirt….i’m sure you’ll agree it looks fabulous with this YSL equestrian sports jacket. Being so short I’ve chosen slightly longer than normal Gio’s fully fashioned nylons…..and for those that enjoy a ‘little extra’ on show – here it is…x
Many more pics to be added to this album through the week…….enjoy xxxx

Love and Kisses all on this fabulous Spring Day xxxx

Album 684….

Following on from Album 683 a spring Saturday morning provides the perfect opportunity to try out the hot-tub and I have to say it’s immensely horny feeling exposed to our neighbours being completely exposed below the waterline….I’m sure you can guess what happened soon after I stepped out of this hot-tub……hehe xx

Album 683….

After a relatively steady journey, we finally arrive at the wonderful Retreat, set in fabulous woodlands with views of Torquay and Brixham Bay in the distance. The Complex has only just opened in the last week, so I feel particularly privileged to be one of the first visitors. This particular album is focused on the modern spiral staircase which I knew immediately would look great featuring in an album or two – I absolutely sure you’ll agree….x

Look out for the return of the Wicked Weasel ‘kini’….and if anyone needs explanation of a ‘kini’ ….it’s the bottom without the top – or vica versa…..hehe xxx

Love and Kisses

Linda xxx

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