» February 2018….

February 2018….

Album 682….

As you will see from my previous post, we had planned to be visiting a fabulous apartment in Devon this weekend, however as many will be aware, Britain has been hit with a very heavy snowfall commencing Thursday finishing Friday causing huge commuter disruption and hence finishing any chance of travelling to our Devon retreat. As a result we have re-planned our travel to next weekend and consequently Album 682 will be a scrapbook of images (not previously posted) from our recent visit to the Shangri La in the Shard.
It has to be said that the pics are very good indeed.


Linda xxx

Album 681….

Hi All.
Firstly thank you again for so many lovely PM’s as well as comments posted here on recent albums from my stay at The Shard, every one is really appreciated.
Album 681 concludes this visit (for the time being) and features a brand new outfit to this website as well as my wardrobe….. a biker chick style ‘star-studded’ leather mini skirt and matching zipped jacket. I’m absolutely certain, judging by the looks as we left the hotel, that this outfit will raise temperatures, pulses as well as certain other things…..hehe. Anyone with a motorbike fancy giving me a ride…..?

Look out for new posts in March captured in a very modern setting including some very interesting upskirt pictures on a spiral staircase.

Love and Kisses all

Linda xxx

Album 680….

Possibly….just possibly, one of my favorite albums to date….beginning with a wonderfully relaxing bath in full view of a magnificent London Sky followed by preparation ahead of our first evening out in the Shangri La and a welcome return for this fabulously sexy Tuxedo dress. I have to say the setting and the fantastic ‘views’ add something very special to this album……x

Love and Kisses xxx

Album 679….

A second album in the Shard, captured following a fabulous lunch and drinks and some sexy fun back in the hotel bedroom, exposed to the city in this amazingly sexy black lace bodice and tan fully fashioned nylons with contrast seam…..woohoo xx
This album certainly adds to the very unique dimension promised this month and through 2018.
And for those that wanted to see a little extra this album adds a little extra tease in a gently teasy way….believe me when I say ‘lots’ more to come but tease is what this website is founded upon…..xxxxxxx

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