» December 2017….

December 2017….

Happy New Year all….

An enormous thank you to all members past and present as well as all those that may join this….. my own very special website in the future. I have some fabulous plans set out for 2018 and despite some 673 albums to date – we’ve still managed to come up with some really great and unique ideas for forthcoming albums in 2018.

Love and Kisses all….xxxx

Album 674….

A review of albums posted during 2017, and my own selection of a favourite pic from each album including my selection criteria, perhaps a hint of some of the themes for many albums to be posted during 2018.


Album 673….

A selection of some fabulous pics captured during 2017 – but not previously posted.

Album 672….

At long last a short break in the awful December weather provides a brief opportunity to take the new car out and capture some pics featuring matching Miami Blue suede high heels and a very sexy short leather skirt.
This album is definitely high on my list of favs for 2017.

Hugs and Kisses

Linda xxxx

Album 671….

Merry Christmas Eve and for all those who have been pleading with me to post a Blue album, here it is, featuring a fabulously short electric blue dress and matching stockings from Gio’s and gorgeous bow style high heels.

And in true LoS tradition December will finish with an extravaganza of albums including a selection of pics from previous albums not posted as well as my own selection of favs from 2017 together with an amazing new leather mini skirt and heels to match the new car……..woohoo.
As always, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all members past and present and your loved one’s a very special Christmas.

Love and Kisses

Linda xxxx

Album 670….

A huge thank you to Porsche UK for providing this amazing 718S for a weekend blast for Tom, following the purchase of the Miami Blue version. Despite the winter weather, we couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to photograph these two wonderful cars alongside each other.
In true LoS fashion we’ve added our very own glamour and sleek, shapely lines to make this an interesting and unique post.

Album 669….

Firstly a huge thanks to those that have contributed to the members blog throughout 2017, I love hearing from you and read every post with interest and respond to many on a personal level also.
In response to my recent post regarding Christmas, I just love the whole event, the parties and the whole lead up to this wonderful event. Above all, I’m looking forward to time away from work and enjoying the memories of fun Christmas’s past. I have to admit I’m a sucker for spending money unnecessarily around Christmas, promising myself never again each and every year, but hey-ho xx

I also love the fact that the Christmas break provides an opportunity to catch up with posting a few unique albums including a Christmas day album.
So moving onto this fab album….. as regular members will know I love contrasting colours and fabrics, so the combination of this Camel jacket, Ivory sheer top and Russett-brown leather skirt is simply ‘perfect’ in my eyes.
I love the effect of what’s so clearly underneath too so the very obvious presence of my bra as well as suspenders is an injection of ‘thrill and anticipation’….and I just adore the ‘animalistic’ reactions and response from you gorgeous fellas.

Album 670….follows this week….xxx

Love and Kisses Linda xxxxx


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