» September 2017….

September 2017….

Album 661….

Hi all – welcome to this very sexy Leopard print dress, this album was captured last Saturday eve ahead of a night out in town and I have to say it certainly draws plenty of attention in a busy restaurant and even a few very kind comments later in the eve. It fits like a glove too, as I’m sure hope you’ll have already recognised….hehe. X

Love and Kisses All.

Next week features an outdoor office post.

Linda xxxx


Website Update….(fab news)….

At last, my god this has been an incredibly stressful week, I know many of you will not be interested in my own ‘tales of woe’ but it started three or four weeks ago with issues with the gallery and ‘processing speed’. A week later, a new super, duper server and gallery as well as a huge bill………….. the website is operating rapidly with a breathtakingly multi-functional gallery.

The new gallery will suit every viewing platform going…. as well as many of the high tech viewing systems on the way, the speed and functionality is simply the very best of it’s kind.

Modern technology aside, my belief in traditional quality and tasteful tease lives on….. now and for many years ahead for the many loyal long term, repeat and new members ahead at LoS.

So now excuse me – I need to get on with the very next album ahead…..love and many kisses Linda xxxxxx

Album 660….

Part Two of this Selfie Post will definitely not disappoint all those that ask for that little ‘bit extra’.
Thank you all for your kind emails and messages on the previous album.
Next couple of posts see a few new outfits for you fabulous fellas.

Album 659….

I have to say, you either love or hate selfies, but this capture (last week) from my home office adds a very real open and honest feel to this post and it’s natural and honest feel adds a certain something to my ‘hot-list’.

I’m sure that the remainder of this post (posted in next few days) will prove a winner if only for simple down to the very honest and natural feel to this website………enjoy this fab post….x

Lot’s more to follow through this week…..xxx

Album 658….

After the recent weather we’ve had here in the UK – I’ve already opened up my Winter Wardrobe in preparation for Autumn and the colder months ahead, but don’t panic…. I can still make an overcoat look very sexy…….enjoy this fabulous album.

Kisses Linda xxx

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