» August 2017….

August 2017….

Album 657….

Welcome to this fabulous skirt bought in Miss Guided during a weekend shop at Selfridges in the Bullring – Birmingham last weekend.
Have to say…. I love the contrast of colours, I’ll be adding additional pics to this album through the week including some fab pics inside and outside the Bullring.
Kisses all……Linda x

Album 656….

So…. this album is a little ‘DARK’ in it’s theme and is borne out of an experience similar to one other previously posted on LoS many years ago and I have to say has a very spooky resemblance to the actual events some 20 years ago.
It starts with me taking up a barmaid job in a large but very old hotel situated in the heart of the New Forest around 35 miles from home and staying over in a separated staff accommodation block in the form of a converted barn in the grounds of the hotel, occupied by restaurant / bar staff and managed by an Estates Manager.
The accommodation was basic at best and soon after my arrival, I complained about the door latch to a communal bathroom….shared with three others, sometimes four, being really stiff to open.
Nothing happened during the initial first few weeks, however after a while, I noticed that the handle to the bathroom door was much looser, although the area around the latch had been gauged out so much that it left a hole…..!
At this point I’ll leave you fellas to let your imaginations run wild, fueled by the pics in this post. I have to say this is quite an uncanny representation of the actual event and the fears I had day and night, sharing that bathroom with peeping toms……x

‘Shivers down the spine’…


August Bank Holiday….

Two more fabulous albums coming this Bank Holiday weekend…….woohoo…x

Album 655….

Welcome to this rare opportunity to finish work promptly at mid-day on a Saturday and get home to enjoy some August Sunshine. As always the warm sunshine is encouragement enough for a little selfie fun for a couple of website members……enjoy this lovely summer album.

Kisses Linda xxxx

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