» July 2017….

July 2017….

Album 654 (Video Clip)….

A little teaser treat for you wonderful fellas here who ask regularly about what my 1-2-1 members only Cam-shows are all about.
Here is a typical clip, apologies for some of the sound cuts, the member concerned was VERY vocal indeed, just as I like it…….Mmmmm Mmmmm.

Album 653 (Part Two)….

…..and now this fabulous album is complete, I have to say it certainly ranks among my all time favs on this website, and judging by the response from members, I’m really happy that this album has proven such a huge success. I hope the success of this album will continue to ‘develop and produce the increasing growth in members’ hehe….x

Album 653….

Regular Members will know that Pink is my fav colour and therefore this particular album is always likely to figure high on my favourite album list. I have to say the fabulous weather has added a great deal to this album and the strong sunlight sets off the contrast of these fabulous Gio ‘Susan’ stockings just perfectly.

Album 652….

Part Two of this very different album arrives this Monday evening, Part One has already proven to be an ‘enormous’ success, so I’m sure this latest addition will top off this amazing post.
I promised a naughty few posts in July and Album 653 will certainly raise the pulses of the very naughty members here.
Look out for a very sexy and revealing Album 653….xxxxx.

Album 651….

Fully Fashioned Nylons at Cabot Circus….

So the question is….
1) A Caribbean Cruise
2) A Weekend Shopping in Cabot Circus.
Absolutely no contest especially when lunch at the Fabulous Raymond Blanc restaurant is thrown in.
Fellas…. charge those credit cards believe me it’ll be a cheaper alternative to a Caribbean Cruise…..just lol…..but so much more enjoyable.

Bookings being taken now……hehe xxxx

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