» June 2017….

June 2017….

Album 650….(Update)

This album has proven to be a huge hit with members, so much so, that I have added another 30 or so pics to the album as a little bonus for this weekend……enjoy xxxx

Album 650….

Possibly, just possibly one of my fav albums to date. This particular outfit has drawn many glances whenever I’ve worn it out and about and this particular setting adds a juxtaposition dimension that I find so interesting and incredibly fun to produce.
I’m absolutely certain that this album will bring out the animalistic tendancies in the very naughty members here…..

Mmmmmm xxx

Album 649….

Hi all……x

This post features this fabulous brand new Porsche 718 thankfully with very effective Air Conditioning as the weather here has been scorching here in southern UK, hence the ‘au-naturel’ leg wear…………… possibly the very first album of it’s kind on LoS.
Nevertheless, I’m sure you will enjoy a couple of other things in this fabulous album, including the ‘scenery’ captured in the spectacular New Forest…….not to mention the ”two orbs” captured in pic #22, how weird is that…?
We’ve been out and about this weekend, so look out for a couple more fabulous outdoor posts, along with a few ‘naughty’ posts to be posted in July.

Thank you all for your fabulous support throughout this year – you will definitely be rewarded…….xxxxx

Kisses Linda xx

Album 648….

Album 648 begins today – and this is a mega album with updates being added throughout this week– full of all sorts from the villa to the beach and one or two fabulous tourist spots on this wonderful Greek island.
On top of this we are going to have a very spicy few weeks ahead, now that the sunshine is on the way, including some fabulous pics as well as ‘au naturel’ vid-clip…..I’ll leave this to your imaginations…..
Linda xx

Album 647….

I’ve never been one for ‘conforming’ when it comes to fashion. The glamour of the 1950’s has always appealed to me since my mid to late teens, although I now love to balance this appeal with a modern touch.
The setting of this album is just perfect and reminds me of a few ‘Marilyn’ captures
Join me for a fabulous late afternoon in gorgeous sunshine, mediterranean sea and blue skies for a delicious ‘cock-tail’ and some very special and ‘wonderful views’……..x

Huge kisses all….

Linda xxxx


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