» March 2017….

March 2017….

Album 639….

By Popular demand – I make no excuses for adding in this little left-over from Fetish February, featuring this hugely popular Suspender Skirt.. This new fur jacket certainly adds something very special, balancing the whole look, somewhere between outrageous and outstanding…..you decide……xx

Album 638….

I’m constantly amazed by the incredible attention to detail that so many of you fabulous fellas identify and refer to in your very sweet comments. This particular album is devoted to those that comment so often on my manicured nails and the contrast of colours set against my fully fashioned stockings.
As always………enjoy..x

Album 637….

This dress has featured in a few previous albums, it’s a huge fav of mine and whilst I Iove strong contrasting colours, I have to say that these copper and contrast black seam fully fashioned nylons work wonderfully and add a whole new dimension and understated sexiness to this dress.
But of course the wonderful setting adds immensely to the overall class and sexiness of this album.

Love and Kisses Always ……Linda xxxx

Album 636….

As promised – a little raunchiness featuring an album of selfies…..or are they…lol ?? with a close friend from the past hehe. I’ve a feeling this will be a ‘huge and very enjoyable’ album for all very horny members…..xxxx


Kisses Linda xxxx

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