» January 2017….

January 2017….

Album 631….

This lovely weekend break at a brand new Bournemouth Hotel has come to an end, but the memories of the break will live on for ages …..woohoo. I have to say it’s been an amazing break and I really hope the hotel and it’s wonderful suites will feature lots in albums to come. For now it’s coat on a little wave goodbye…….until the next time…..

Lookout for a fabulously ‘Fetish February’…..

Kisses all Linda xxxxxx

Album 630….

This Tuxedo Dress first appeared in August 2016 and caused quite a stir, it’s likely that this very revealing insight into what ‘lies beneath’ might prove to be a real bonus to an already fabulous start to 2017.
On a personal note…..believe me when I say it’s a truly fabulous feeling to wear such a potentially revealing dress in public, without a thong.

So moving forward, many many members have commented (delightfully) about the slightly fetish style added to one or two recent albums, so I’m delighted to say that February will introduce a few new fetish outfits and accessories that I’m sure will certainly ‘raise’ plenty of interest.

February promises to Feature a Fabulously, Fetish, Feast.

Album 629….

When it comes to fetish heels well these are certainly high on the ladder but when it comes to spiky heels, well these are in a league of their own.
They are my absolute favs. amazingly comfortable and have certainly drawn lots of attention during their first outing this past weekend.
I have a feeling they will feature in many forthcoming albums.
I look forward to hearing and reading your comments …lol x

Album 628….

The first Album for 2017 – full of Bournemouth nostalgia.

As you’ll see – I’ve held off posting this album of the ever-changing Bournemouth Skyline simply because I think it relates fabulously to two or three albums posted towards the end of 2016. The old ‘Palace Court Hotel’ has served LoS well and has been a welcoming home for many famous starlets including the Beatles during their many appearances in the town.
As you can see behind me in various pics, the Hilton Hotel – featured in very recent 2016 albums is under construction.

Happy New Year 2017….

Happy New Year 2017 to all members past, present and future……x and some fab news to begin the new year for all those that enjoy webchat, camshows…..and more….. I have set up a new Skype¬†account for all LoS members (Contact details on Members Blog).

Look forward to chatting with you soon.

Linda xxx



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